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The Possession Diaries (2019) - Movie Review

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The Possession Diaries

You’ll never take my soul!  Oy vey!

Stop me if you have heard this one before.  After messing around with a Ouija Board, one poor girl starts filming herself, believing that she’s being possessed by something really BIG and really EVIL.  What follows is a long series of video recordings as the girl slowly documents the changes happening to her.  Amateurish and, unfortunately, suffering from a whole lot of mansplaining, The Possession Diaries is a wee bit of a slog to get through . . .

"Keep the pages closed on this one, folks. You will be better off for it."

. . . because we have nothing to laugh at; nothing to associate the evil overtaking her body with; and a whole lot of webcam time as Rebecca Clarkson (Katherine Munroe) explains and explains again what is happening to her thanks to THE DEVIL! 

Alright, so writer/director Juan J. Frausto’s film isn’t original at all, but I was hoping it would – at the very least – be better than this pile of horror vomit that is SO UNBEARABLY LONG AND UNEVENTFUL to watch.  I went in expecting a slow burn of a flick, but what I got doesn’t even register any heat.

I love low budget flicks.  I really do, but there is little spark to this one and, clocking in at 90 minutes, it feels way too long.  I mean, yeah, the girl is being attacked by the supernatural (and, yeah, it is all sorts of evil), but GIVE IT A NAME or something because her vomiting off screen and appearing with blue, bulging veins isn’t going to convince anyone of anything but food poisoning. 

We need some tension, especially when actor James Russo (Django Unchained, Beverly Hills Cop) witnesses the transformation filling in as the priest in this ungodly flick, but not here.  Just how far she is going to go down to the depths of Hell is anyone’s guess.  We get twisted cell phone calls and objects moving in the background, too.  Doors opening behind her and whole rooms shaking, too.  What we don’t get is any fun or any logical progression; this is just lazy. The Possession Diaries

Co-starring Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Johnny Ortiz (Peppermint), Noel Gugliemi (“Fresh Off The Boat”), Monica Engesser (“Crazy in Love”), and Delilah Cotto (Empire), The Possession Diaries as a structured one-room horror story doesn’t even follow basic rules, preferring to articulate way too much of what we see on the screen and then, just gives us a limp reason to keep watching.

The Possession Diaries arrives on DVD and Digital June 4 from Uncork’d Entertainment

Keep the pages closed on this one, folks.  You will be better off for it. 

1/5 stars

The Possession Diaries


Blu-ray Details:

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The Possession Diaries

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
93 mins
: Juan Frausto
Juan Frausto, Rich Wealthy
Delilah Cotto, Noel Gugliemi, James Russo
: Horror
Documenting the Takeover of Your Soul.
Memorable Movie Quote: "I am not going to let him take my soul"
Uncork'd Entertainment
Official Site:
Release Date:
June 4, 2019
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available.
Synopsis: The story follows Rebecca Clarkson, a young college girl, suffering from demonic attacks after she and a group of girlfriends play with a Ouija board one night in her apartment. Fearful people will think she’s crazy, or lying, she documents her experiences in a video blog on her webcam over the course of a week. Not really in her right mind, Rebecca keeps her ordeal secret from her roommate, and even her boyfriend, as the demon influences Rebecca and her behavior. In a series of escalating events, furniture moving by itself, shadowing figures appearing and disappearing, the creepy factor grows. Soon the supernatural activity becomes violent, and Rebecca is repeatedly attacked by the demonic forces, until finally evil takes possession of her body. Will Rebecca be able to beat the Devil and protect her soul, or will she die, and lose her soul to hell fire?

The Possession Diaries

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