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Munchies/Munchie Double Feature - Blu-ray Review

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Munchies | Munchie - Blu-ray Review

. . . but still no Munchie Strikes Back.

Scream Factory resumes their Double Feature blu-ray efforts with the super campy creature feature double attack of Munchies (from 1987) and Munchie (from 1992).  Hide the candy!  This twofer offers two cult films, operating like typical copycat comedies, about weird Gremlin-like creatures who, once free of their human “captors” develop a fondness for women and beer.

the fuzzed-out charm and family friendliness comes to a grinding halt in Munchie, a sequel in name only.

Can you blame them?  Both are delicious.  These two films, both with their own cult following, have become hard to find titles.  Trust me, I have looked.  The DVDs are getting pricier but look no further! Munchie has a new home.

Munchies, starring Harvey Korman (in two roles) and Nadine Van der Velde, opens the hammy fun with one the cheapest knockoffs Concorde Pictures has ever stitched together.  Chopping Mall it isn’t.  Hell, this D-grade wackiness isn’t even up to Purple People Eater standards.  The film also includes one of the ugliest kitchens I’ve ever seen on camera.  We’re talking fluorescent unpleasantness here.

But, when it comes to the goofiness of this puppet madness, know this first: Korman is top-billed and, in two roles, he’s in it way too much.  He was great as a side act but, seriously, when he takes center stage, it is usually one big unfunny mess.  That remains true through most of his scenes in Munchies; however, with these sex-starved masterbating ghoulies in tow as they cause all sorts of havoc while getting Velde to perform a suggestive dance, the film can be pretty entertaining. . .

. . . but the fuzzed-out charm and family friendliness comes to a grinding halt in Munchie, a sequel in name only.  If that sounds harsh, just know that – with enough friends and alcohol – Munchie, named after a creature that is voiced by Dom DeLuise, is the Cadillac of hilariously awful movies. 

Munchies | Munchie - Blu-ray Review

Written and directed by Jim Wynorski (a director usually doing softcore flicks), Munchie stars Loni Anderson and features the debut of Jennifer Love Hewitt as one boy, played by Artie Johnson, hooks up with a wish-granting Furby for the time of his life.  Together, these two make the boy’s dreams come true.  He gets the girl; all the pizza he wants; and even gets to rip-off E.T. while cleavage galore fills the screen. 

As seen together on this new blu-ray release, these two films make for a double dose of terrible filmmaking.  You will laugh.  You will cry.  And only these Munchies will know why . . .

. . . maybe one day we will be good enough for the third film in this laser brained series of crap films.

3 beers

Munchies | Munchie - Blu-ray Review


Blu-ray Details:

Home Video Distributor: Shout Factory
Available on Blu-ray
- November 27, 2018
Screen Formats: 1.85:1
: English
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; single disc
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

The 1080p transfer of Munchies isn’t the best in the world but it sure beats the days of an instable image.  Don’t go in expecting much texture, though.  The effects shots are really the only moments of good texture.  Most of the picture looks a bit dull and lifeless; the colors don’t pop as much as one would expect them to.  The image doesn’t get much better with Munchie.  Again, the make-up looks strong and the shadow levels are passible but there’s little filmic quality to the transfer.  This is the fate of these low-budget affairs.  Fortunately, Shout! Factory has done their best and gives us what details there are to mine out of the prints.  Both films feature a decent audio tracks that present the sound and the music clearly.



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Munchies | Munchi - Blu-ray Review

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