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The Last House on the Street - Movie Review

The Last House on the Street

The life of a college student is not an easy one.  Overpriced textbooks that you can’t return, challenging classes early in the morning, minimum wage hourly woes, and heartaches around every corner both in and outside of the campus.  It’s definitely not for every recent graduate.  Chad (Dylan Garcia) and his roommate, Derek (Jeremy Behie) are about to find out the hard way that college can, indeed, cost both an arm and a leg thanks to Adam Berardi’s engrossing The Last House on the Street.

"a sun-bleached horror/comedy hybrid"

When the brokenhearted Chad, recently dropped from his college classes AND his girlfriend, - and Derek, who smells like chicken grease, get two hot chicks, Janet (Ashley Rene) and Chrissy (Mary Kate McCormick) as neighbors, their world of video games and beer drinking quickly devolves into conversations about how to get off of their stoner asses and go introduce themselves to the fine-looking neighbors.

With the fun and somewhat freestyle knob cranked to 11, the beginning almost makes you think you are going to be sitting through a different type of film altogether, but - after a hilarious scene in a college bookstore with a clerk (Ernesto Ortiz) who could care less - things begin to slow down and the clues to the film's horror origins are stumbled upon, but never easily identified.  Just what is going on is part of the fun.

Chad doesn’t have any desire to start something new.  He’s still hung up on the past and Derek, who is completely into the idea of introducing himself to them, doesn’t want to wait any longer.  So, when he spies an opportunity to at the very least see some female skin, he jumps at the chance!

Big mistake.  Because what these two boneheads haven’t noticed about the girls next door is that men go in but they NEVER come out!

The Last House on the Street is a sun-bleached horror/comedy hybrid that is full of palm streets, hot bods, and dry heat and its handling of all these elements is a masterclass in restraint.  It’s not your typical slasher as it dwells on the past relationship of Chad’s (which is quickly turning into stalking) and the relationship between the two girls which is part of why it works as well as it does.  The whole story line in this film is completely unexpected and rewarding for attentive viewers.  The Last House on the Street

The Last House on the Street doesn’t adhere to the usual tropes of a horror flick and sort of flips them on their head thanks to the fact that it’s a man who is the walking wounded and its the chicks who want the boys to “come inside” and party with them.  It’s a more somber take on some of the aspects of Fright Night as the intentions of the girls are revealed in rather frightening (and not SUPERNATURAL) ways. 

Given that The Last House on the Street takes place in Arizona, it’s easy for these two friends to miss some worrisome facts as they eyeball the women - who first appear to us in a slow-motion pillow fight - and one of those missed facts are that local men have gone missing.  So, when Chad discovers that Derek doesn’t seem to be coming home, he has to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together in order to figure out where he’s gone.

And he begins with the chicks next door!

Slow in its rollout (but nonetheless engrossing) and terrifying in what it ultimately discloses about these two batshit females, The Last House on the Street is both unsettling and unexpected as summer comes to a close.

From Overnight Pictures and Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer Adam Berardi, The Last House on the Street is now available for rent on Vimeo and on PLEX for free. A release on XUMO, Amazon, and Tubi TV is planned in the next couple of weeks.

1/5 stars

Film Details

The Last House on the Street

MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content and language.
73 mins
: Adam Berardi
Adam Berardi
Gabby d Barbosa; Jeremy Behie; Dylan Garcia
: Horror
College can cost an arm and a leg.
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Overnight Pictures
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Release Date:
July 23, 2021
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The Last House on the Street


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