Hitchcock - Movie Review

Hitchcock posterWhat if someone good made a horror film? This is the question Hitchcock, directed by Sacha Gervasi, asks its audience. It is also the question the maestro himself poses to his wife and longtime business partner, Alma Reville, over many a cup of tea. Based on the ...

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Lincoln - Movie Review

Lincoln - Movie ReviewWith Lincoln, Steven Spielberg does a complete 180, calling upon a different set of filmmaking skills than he’s accustomed to using. In a triumphant return to form, the War Horse director moves away from his typical outpouring of visual imagery and tells his ...

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Chasing Mavericks - Movie Review

Chasing Mvericks - Movie ReviewShort on inspiration but long on after-school-special blandness, Chasing Mavericks is the true story of surfing phenom Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston), whose legacy still reverberates throughout the coastal California surfing community where he grew up ...

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Cloud Atlas - Movie Review

Cloud Atlas - Movie ReviewThe film adaptation of British author David Mitchell’s bestselling novel, Cloud Atlas, is what happens when two (or three or four) different styles collide.  The unevents of your standard Merchant Ivory production merges with the soulless visuals of Lucasfilm to ...

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Alex Cross - Movie Review

Alex Cross - Movie ReviewHollywood’s grand aspirations of mirroring the same success author James Patterson has realized with his Alex Cross series of novels takes another significant hit with the release of Alex Cross that stars Tyler Perry (yes, that Tyler Perry) in the role of the ...

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Tai Chi Zero - Movie Review

Tai Chi Zero - Movie ReviewWriter/director Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi Zero, the first in a proposed trilogy of frenetic martial arts actioneers, is a glorious mess of styles with very little substance.  It’s marital arts gone gonzo.  Blasting across the screen with cartoon goofiness, Fung's trippy ...

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The Paperboy - Movie Review

The Paperboy - Movie ReviewFilmmaker Lee Daniels follows his Oscar-winning drama Precious with The Paperboy, an equally uncompromising film that builds a steamy stinking world of Southern-fried atmosphere where sex, race, and deception hang as thick as the Spanish Moss in this south ...

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Taken 2 - Movie Review

taken 2 - Movie ReviewOy vey. Taken 2, or as I like to call it How ITaught My Daughter Grenade Location Skills, is nowhere near the substance of the original. This time, it's a laughable family affair. Bring the kids, daddy-o!  This sequel is a prime example of ...

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Movie Review

The Perks of Being a WallflowerThere’s a beautiful moment in The Perks of Being a Wallflower that not only defines Stephen Chbosky’s affecting coming-of-age-story, but also welcomes us in to his warm world where everyone is accepted despite any personal hang-ups, eccentricities, or social ...

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Trouble with the Curve - Movie Review

Trouble With the Curve - Movie ReviewWhen is a movie about baseball not really a baseball movie?  When it has Trouble with the Curve.  Legendary entertainer and veteran of the silver screen Clint Eastwood returns to acting after his solid performance in Gran Torino from four years ...

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