Scream (2022) - Movie Review

Just flat-out fun!

The 355 - Movie Review

Wasted talent

Red Rocket - movie Review

Thoroughly engrossing

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Movie Review

Amazing movie, spectacular even

Mass - Blu-ray Review

One of the year’s most important films

Dune - 4K UHD Review

Next big film franchise has arrived

Dune (1984) - 4k UHD Restoration Review

Remains an unforgettable journey

Venom: Let There Be Carnage - 4K UHD Review

A fun, fast-paced flick

New on Blu-ray

Black Holler - Movie Review

Black HollerEnsemble offerings don’t get much goofier than with the blood-curdling highs and lows echoing out from deep within the thick woods of Black Holler! Summer camp is canceled! But not the camp used in this fun-filled throwback to just about everything we love about slashers from the ...

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Misery (1990) - 4k UHD Blu-ray Review

Misery (1990)1990’s Misery is one of the finest book to screen King adaptations of all time, in my humble opinion. While this new dearth of King adaptions continues unabated with varying degrees of success or abject failure (*cough: The Stand), no one has (as yet) touched it, or even broached remaking it ...

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Fury (1936) - Blu-ray Review

Fury (1936)

“The mob doesn’t think. It has a mind of its own.” In 1933, some loud-mouthed man with a tiny mustache and a weird haircut rose to power in the country of Germany. His name, I believe, was Adolf Hitler. You may have heard of him, no? Well, he established a dictatorship to replace ...

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Red Notice - Movie Review

Red NoticeWritten and directed by Skyscraper’s Rawson Marshall Thurber, Red Notice, premiering on Netflix this November, fires on all cylinders when it comes to over-the-top action and delivers a globe-trekking crime caper that, ignoring the rest of the critics out there (who love to crap all over action ...

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Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015) - Blu-ray Review

Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015)It’s quite hard to believe that the writer/director of such a modest, coming-of-age tale like Songs My Brothers Taught Me is the same person who just delivered us Marvel’s latest installment, Eternals. Though undoubtedly Chloé Zhao’s style is ingrained in the blockbuster, it is just a difficult task  ...

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The Forgotten Battle - Movie Review

The Forgotten Battle

Ever heard of World War II’s Battle of the Schelde? No? How about the battle of the Walcheren Causeway? Probably not, right? Though both of these battles were preemptive components of the much larger Operation Market Garden to come later, the fact that virtually no one – save for the  ...

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Double Walker - Movie Review

Double Walker

Ah, yes, there WILL BE blood. There are no gothic vibes in this psychological ghost story.  There are no haunted houses.  No cemeteries either.  Just the very human desire for revenge as one ghost, choosing to avenge those responsible for her death, takes life after life in the street-level poetry that ...

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That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes - Movie Review

That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes

The sky is falling! No, you are NOT losing your mind, but Leonard (Franck Raharinosy) is!  Could it possibly be the Theta Box technology that is popping up all over New York?!  Leonard better find out quickly or else what else will he risk losing?! That Cold Dead Look ...

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A Stalker in the House - Movie Review

A Stalker in the House

This is a conversation!  No, this is a break-up . . . via pillow suffocation! Opening with a couple of dramatic break-ups and following those up with a movie where nothing is what it seems in the dating game, A Stalker in the House delivers much more than a home invasion horror flick as it follows the ...

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The Last Ghost Hunters - Movie Review

The Last Ghost HuntersThere is something wrong with the house that stands at the center of this paranormal thriller.  Neighbors have reported strange noises from within the house for years and several people have gone missing.  All fingers point to the house.  The point being that if you dare cross the threshold of this  ...

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