Zombieland: Double Tap - Movie Review

The road trip through the zombie apocalypse continues

Gemini Man - Movie Review

Two Will Smiths aren’t any better than one

Joker (2019) - Movie Review

I hate the guy. This worked.

Downton Abbey (2019) - Movie Review

The Crawleys are Back!

Toy Story 4 (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

Midsommar (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Not a sweet little trip to the neighborhood IKEA

Annabelle Comes Home - Blu-ray Review

The creep factor is high in this one

Pan's Labyrinth (2006) - 4K UHD Blu-ray review

NOT to be missed

New on Blu-ray

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (1966) - Blu-ray Review

Billy the Kid vs. Dracula (1966)

Grab the wolfsbane!  Get the garlic! Cult filmmaker William Beaudine takes aim and squeezes the B-movie trigger again!  From The Ape Man to Voodoo Man, the director constantly drums up a lot of B-movie mayhem.  Here, he ...

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The Horror of Frankenstein (1970) - Blu-ray Review

Horror of Frankenstein (1970)In which Frankenstein gives us the two fingered salute!  You’ll laugh!  You’ll cry!!  The Horror of Frankenstein and its bodybuilding monster will be why!  Scientific twaddle has never been so supercilious than here in this Hammer flick from 1970 ...

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Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

The King has returned - along with 17 other classic Titans - but, hey, long live the King! Continuing the plot of 2014’s Godzilla and 2017's Kong: Skull Island as far as the Monarch Corporation is concerned, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is a creature-centered film that wastes little time in giving ...

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4D Man (1959) - Blu-ray Review

4D Man (1959)

Atomic fusion gets jazzed up!  Thanks to a righteously jazzy score from composer Ralph Carmichael and an off-kilter (but campy) vibe, an underappreciated science fiction gem gets the blu-ray treatment courtesy of Kino ...

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Grandmother's House (1988) - Blu-ray Review

Grandmother's HouseI mean, it isn’t every day you see a body being dragged on the ground by your grandparents.  That’s just one of the MANY shocks in this creepy gem from the video store.  Newly scanned and remastered in 4K from its original 35mm camera negative, Vinegar Syndrome gives us another ...

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The Nightingale (2019) - Movie Review

The Nightingale The trees on this godless land are bare throughout The Nightingale.  They look like crooked fingers stretching up toward an empty sky that offers nothing but darkness.  So, too appears the land surrounding Clare Carrol’s (Aisling Franciosi) home.  She’s an Irish convict trying to get clear of Tasmania ...

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Our Most Wanted on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD This Week - August 20, 2019

BrightburnAnd another friendly hi-def hello to our fellow blu-ray geeks. Welcome to the weekly look at our most wanted titles coming to blu-ray and/or 4K Ultra HD for the week of August 20, 2019.

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Radioland Murders (1994) - Blu-ray Review

Radioland Murders (1994)

Because maybe the Easter Bunny DOES crap colored eggs! Radioland Murders, directed by Mel Smith (The Tall Guy, Bean) and co-written by George Lucas, is a throwback to another era of comedy.  Unfortunately, none of that was recognized when the film was ...

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The New Kids: Retro VHS Look (1985) - Blu-ray Review

The New Kids (1985)Bloody rabbits do not belong in the shower!  That’s one lessen to learn here with this flick.  The other is that you simply do not mess with a bleach-blonde James Spader.  You are simply asking for a whole hell of a lot of trouble ...

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Good Boys - Movie Review

Good Boys (2019)One of the kids at the center of the new comedy Good Boys confidently tells his two best friends, “It’s a tampon. Girls shove it up their butts to stop babies from coming out.” The object in question is indeed a tampon, they got that part right. But, of ...

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