Small Engine Repair - Movie Review

Fiendishly entertaining

Malignant - Movie Review

Absolutely CRACKERS . . . in all the right ways.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings - Movie Review

An absolute thrill from start to finish

Candyman - Movie Review

Not a terrifying experience

In the Heights - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review


Overboard - Blu-ray Review

Hysterically on-point with its comedy

Luca - 4K UHD Review

A nostalgic trip back to our childhood

Speed (1994) - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

A stellar new 2160p transfer

New on Blu-ray

Howard The Duck (1986) - 4K Restoration

Howard The DuckAfter Howard the Duck’s surprise appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy, I knew it was only a matter of time before Universal went into their vaults and hatched our fowl friend’s blu-ray debut for audiences ...

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Skinwalker - Movie Review

SkinwalkerWhen I was young, my friends and I played Cowboys and Indians.  We’d chuck rocks at each other and clobber each other with branches, but never did we think to add DEMONS to the mix of the things which might attack the unsuspecting rancher on dark nights of terror.  Bravo to the team  ...

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Bringing Up Baby: The Criterion Collection (1938)

Bringing Up Baby: The Criterion Collection

"I've got my head. I've lost my leopard!" As far as screwball comedies go, the pairing of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn was probably seen as an odd choice in 1938. She didn’t have a hit film and Grant, hitting his comedic stride, was just coming off of The Awful Truth to ...

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Black Widow - Movie Review

Black WidowMarvel does Bourne!  With plenty of globe-hopping and mouth-dropping action sequences, Black Widow finally arrives in theaters after an over yearlong delay due to Covid-19 and reminds us of why we absolutely love the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its many characters.  With heart ...

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Speed – 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Speed 4KSome 27 years after it’s release, one might be forgiven for forgetting what a game changer Jan de Bont’s Speed was. No scratch that, you should remember! Back in the early 90s, the big muscles, full testosterone action picks from Sly, Arnie, Segal, Van Damme and the like were started  ...

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Werewolves Within - Movie Review

Werewolves Within

Filmmaker Josh Ruben and Mishna Wolff have pulled off a near miracle with Werewolves Within, their wildly entertaining big screen adaptation of Ubisoft’s popular video game of the same name. As if bucking the recent trend of video-game-to-feature-film failure wasn’t challenge ...

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Medusa - Movie Review


Because you can’t keep a good woman down! From Jagged Edge Productions and Devilworks, Medusa, rather interestingly, takes the mythological figure that we know from the pages of past incarnations and transforms her into a once bitten twice shy queen of the serpents figure and it is here where she towers ...

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Hatched - Movie Review


When dinosaurs attack! Basking in the B-movie glory of low budget cinema's yesteryear, Hatched arrives just in time to keep all of our Jurassic asses in line as the summer starts and the quarantine masks start coming off.  Leave it to the British to bring back ...

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Lillith - Movie Review


Beware!  Here thar be DEMONS who will do more than suck upon your bones!  Well, it rhymes with suck at the very least. This is the unholy territory of not-so sorority heartbreak when one forlorn college student, Jenna Collins ...

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Indiana Jones: 4-Movie Collection - 4K Blu-ray Review

Indiana Jones: 4-Movie CollectionRemember that episode of The Big Bang Theory? You know, the one where Sheldon shares his love of Raiders of the Lost Ark with Amy, and after watching it, she blows his mind by attesting that the plot would have been exactly the same without it’s protagonist. I, like Sheldon, was ...

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