The Hunt - Movie Review

The Hunt is On!

Onward - Movie Review

Tons of heart

The Invisible Man - Movie Review

One of the greatest horror films

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind - Movie Review


Black Christmas - Blu-ray Review

The Hunt is On!

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Blu-ray Review

Just so darn sweet and engaging

Midway - Blu-ray Review

An embarrassing disservice

Motherless Brooklyn - Blu-ray Review

One of the most beautiful slogfests you’ll ever sleep though.

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Gretel & Hansel - Movie Review

Gretel & HanselWho wasn't frightened as a child by the horrifically grim childhood fairy tale about an evil witch who bakes pastries to lure children into her home so she can cook and eat the youngsters for dinner? It’s a wonder any of us made it out of childhood without totally losing all of our marbles ...

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A Perfect Host - Movie Review

A Perfect Host

Who knew a healthy body could produce such a diseased mind?! When picking the perfect place to rent for a getaway weekend, one should always be careful.  Want isolation? Better check the “digs” out first, man. A Perfect Host, a new horror film from Three Hair Production ...

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Motherless Brooklyn (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Interior: DARK, GIN-SOAKED MOVIE THEATER CAMERA - SLOW PAN LEFT TO RIGHT. It was a dark and stormy night. Flickering frames of light pierced the smoky darkness, casting shadows on the tattered silver screen. The projector’s jittery rays revealed the forlorn faces of a checked-out audience while the stormy night’s deafening ...

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Terminator: Dark Fate - Blu-ray Review

Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)There are few directors out there that have the distinction of making sequels to hit films that not only reach the quality of the original, but surpass it. James Cameron is one of them. He is an auteur that never rested on his laurels, always coming at things with a fresh take for a follow up and never settling for ...

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John Henry - Movie Review

John HenryYou’ve read the folk tale.  You’ve heard of the man who became a living legend.  Hell, you’ve probably heard the AWESOME Johnny Cash song, too.  Now, thanks to a VERY charismatic Terry Crews in the title role, this steel-driving man hits the violent streets of Los Angeles and crushes his way toward bloody revenge ...

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Goalie - Movie Review

GoalieOut on the ice with the game on the line.  That’s when Terry Sawchuck was truly alive.  His words, heard here in Goalieare totally believable, too ...

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An Alien Invasion is Making People Crazy in Trailer for ALIEN OUTBREAK

Alien OutbreakBritish visual effects guru Neil Rowe goes behind the camera to bring us Alien Outbreak, a sci-fi film that not only promises that the deadliest plague will come from above. but that also looks to deliver the goods with visuals that are all kinds of creepy ...

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The Little Mermaid - 4K Blu-ray Review

The Little MermaidWith Disney’s current dominance at the box office, it is difficult to believe it, but they weren’t doing so well (theatrically) in the latter half of the 1980s. They had experienced, especially in the animation realm, a series of costly underperforming features and the sure thing that used ...

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The Gentlemen - Movie Review

The GentlemenWhere have you been, Guy Ritchie? We’ve missed your language, your punch, your sleight of hand, and that self-referential swagger that defined your early days as a filmmaker. We got hardly any of that as you set out for more commercial ventures like Swept Away, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,  ...

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House by the Cemetery: Blue Underground 3 Disc Exclusive Limited Collector’s Edition (1981) - Blu-ray Review

The House By the CemeteryThere couldn’t possibly be a creepier basement in the history of Horror films! Lucio Fulci's House by the Cemetery is re-opened once again thanks to Blue Underground. ...

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