Scream (2022) - Movie Review

Just flat-out fun!

The 355 - Movie Review

Wasted talent

Red Rocket - movie Review

Thoroughly engrossing

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Movie Review

Amazing movie, spectacular even

Mass - Blu-ray Review

One of the year’s most important films

Dune - 4K UHD Review

Next big film franchise has arrived

Dune (1984) - 4k UHD Restoration Review

Remains an unforgettable journey

Venom: Let There Be Carnage - 4K UHD Review

A fun, fast-paced flick

New on Blu-ray

Cry Macho - Blu-ray Review

Cry Macho

It’s time for Clint Eastwood to hang up his acting hat for good. There, I said it. And that’s coming from one of the guy’s biggest fans. Sure, the man is inarguably a true Hollywood legend having appeared in more than 50 films, from 1950’s sci-fis, to countless war dramas, to starring roles in a dozen or ...

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Malignant - Blu-ray Review

MalignantThe intense stage lighting. The stylized production design. The black gloved-hand killer. The dramatic and often weirdly over-stylized music with electronic throbbing Goblin-like rhythm and pulses.  And, yes, the buckets of blood splashed everywhere.  If this were the 1970s, the best decade for  ...

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Werewolves Within (2021) - Blu-ray Review

Werewolves Within

And just like that . . . a future cult classic has arrived! Based on a Ubisoft game and featuring a wonderful cast and of solidly realized characters, Werewolves Within is the whodunnit horror/comedy of the year.  Fresh as the falling snow that has cut off the small town at the center of this  ...

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Saint Maud (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Saint Maud

Your savior has arrived! There’s something wrong with Maud (Morfydd Clark, Crawl).  This is important to identify correctly as we are with the poor girl for the entire movie.  In fact, we never leave her side no matter what happens or what dark forces take over her body as they communicate ...

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Licorice Pizza - Movie Review

Licorice PizzaLet’s first address the elephant in the room: that unappealing title of the new film from Paul Thomas Anderson called Licorice Pizza. It comes from a now-defunct Southern California record store chain that enjoyed its heyday in the ‘70s. Perfectly appropriate for the weird ...

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Portal Runner - Movie Review

Portal RunnerWould you believe me if I told you that mirrors were doors to other worlds?  No.  But, I got your attention, didn’t I?  And therein lies the charm and the magic of this fun-filled feature.  Portal Runner is an awesome throwback to the matinee flicks your younger self used to enjoy.  Think Cloak  ...

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Angels with Dirty Faces: Warner Archive Collection (1938) - Blu-ray Review

Angels with Dirty Faces: Warner Archive CollectionHell’s Kitchen in Manhattan was, at one time, a place of filth and absolute poverty.  Back then, it was known as one of the roughest neighborhoods in Manhattan; a better place to be from than to be in.  Bordered by the Hudson River on the west, Eighth Avenue on the east, 59th Street on the  ...

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Leatherface is Back in New Trailer for TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

Texas Chainsaw MassacreWe've known that a return to the face of madness has been in the works for quite some time so, needless to say, it was a great joy to hear that Netflix has finally released a trailer for its revisit to the legend of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And you can check out the trailer for Texas Chainsaw  ...

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Halloween II (1981) - 4K UHD Collector's Edition Review

Halloween II (1981) - 4K UHD Collector's EditionOnly three years after Halloween swept the world up in the antics of Michael Myers, John Carpenter reluctantly returned to write the follow up, after pressure from Akkad and especially producer Irwin Yablans. Halloween 2 would be financed, written, filmed and released in 1981. They didn’t mess  ...

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The Handler - Movie Review

The HandlerIt seems the era and influence of Cannon Films is far from over.  From the extra cheese to the body blows and the extreme gunshot bleeds, The Handler is easily drawn from the Golan-Globus era of the company, which saw multiple Death Wish sequels, the rise of Chuck Norris, and The Ninja  ...

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