Deadpool 2 - Movie Review

Absolutely spectacular sequel

Solo: A Star Wars Story - Movie Review

Have no fear, this far, far away galaxy is still in great shape.

Life of the Party - Movie Review

Feels as though it has taken the entire semester off.

Dead List - Movie Review

neither frightening enough nor funny enough

Black Panther - Blu-ray Review

Now on sparkling blu-ray

12 Strong - Blu-ray Review

A solid entry in the genre.

Proud Mary - Blu-ray Review

Bang. Bang. Shoot. Shoot. With results this forgettable, who really cares?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - Blu-ray Review

Everything works

New on Blu-ray

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - Blu-ray Review

Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell (2018) - Blu-ray ReviewBig guns. Big traps. Bigger worms. I absolutely love it when a franchise switches it up and still delivers a rocking affair. This is the case for Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell. Instead of the desert vistas, we get ...

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Isidor's Lord of Synth: What You Need - Music Review

Ididor: Lord of the Synth - What you Need

"It was the year 3218. Life on Earth has changed. The era of transhumanism was upon us. Extreme breakthroughs in human augmentation led the Earth's nation into a frenzy. The transhumans were starting to attack the humans in an attempt to purge the nation believing that humans were ..."


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Daughters of Satan (1972) - Blu-ray Review

Daughters of Satan (1972) - Blu-ray ReviewTom Selleck is one bad motherfucker. I’m just going to go ahead and throw that out there. Even when he plays an art collector, he still has the skills to smash skulls together. Forget Magnum P.I.; we already know from that show that he is. Daughters of Satan is all you ...

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Gehenna: Where Death Lives (2018) - Movie Review

Gehenna: Where Death Lives - Movie ReviewSaipan. Google it. The place is a dream. The ocean is the lightest color of blue and the island is a beautiful oasis of sun-drenched highs. Off the coastline of Japan, this place is a paradise for those who don’t realize the secrets its trappings hide. And the five fools headlining this ...

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Savage Attraction (1983) - Blu-ray Review

Savage Attraction (1983) - Blu-ray ReviewIt begins like a bomb going off. Frantic and haphazardly edited together, two unrelated scenes – a truck barreling down the highway and a woman about to be beaten – converge to create a fast paced beginning to this Ozploitation flick. Savage Attraction (aka Hostage) is a ...

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Shakma (1990) - Blu-ray Review

Shakma (1990) - Blu-ray ReviewThe study of human aggression goes astray when the experimenting turns toward a primate.  At least that is what we are led to believe.  Poor Shakma.  The biggest baboon in the room just got spinal tapped and he’s not too happy about it.  In fact, this damn primate ...

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Mermaids (1990) - Blu-ray Review

Mermaids (1990) - Blu-ray ReviewBecause you don’t mess with Cher. Just ask director Lasse Hallström or Frank Oz, who was first originally hired to take over the reigns from Hallström before he, too, was booted. And then there is Emily Lloyd. Poor Lloyd got dropped so suddenly (due to Cher’s whim about ...

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Doctor Detroit (1983) - Blu-ray Review

Doctor Detroit - Blu-ray ReviewETA to splashdown in 2 seconds! With those words, after an innocent night of drugs and partying with a pimp and some ladies of the night, one supreme geek finds his inner super pimp and becomes a demented agent of change named Doctor Detroit. ...

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House on Elm Lake - Movie Review

House on Elm Lake - Movie ReviewTo this day, there remains something insanely special about director Brian De Palma’s Carrie.  It is based on the once-discarded novel by Stephen King, but was painstakingly adapted for the screen by Lawrence D. Cohen.  Cohen got everything about King’s first novel right  ...

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The Boneyard (1991) - Blu-ray Review

The Boneyard (1991) - Blu-ray ReviewGet forklifted, baby!  Poodle zombies are on the loose! It’s the damn giggling that always gets me. Mummified children brought to life on a fog-drenched night be terrifying enough for some people, but when they fucking snicker in high-pitched delight as they approach  ...

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