The Last Duel - Movie Review

Societally relevant

Halloween Kills - Movie Review

The Shape strikes back!

Lamb - Movie Review

Sneaky and deceitful

No Time to Die - Movie Review

A rousing final adventure

Free Guy - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

Super fun

Old - 4K UHD Steelbook Review

So slapdash amateur

The Night House - Movie Review

A spooky little journey into terror

The Green Knight - 4K UHD Blu-ray Review

A stunning and unique work of art

New on Blu-ray

Rebecca: Criterion Collection (1940) - Blu-ray Review

Rebecca: Criterion CollectionFrom identical dresses to the fire which ravishes Manderley, the second Mrs. de Winter (Joan Fontaine) can never, ever take the place of Rebecca.  Cue the romance, the heartbreak, the haunted tension and wind it all up because this film is all about the snap.  That’s what makes this ...

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Unhinged - Blu-ray Review

UnhingedMonster movies aren’t what they used to be. With the fear of nuclear war mostly behind us and the terror of invading aliens having run its course, filmmakers have had to come up with a new kind of monster to scare the pants off movie goers. And what is more menacing, unpredictable, and  ...

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THE MARK OF THE BELL WITCH Will Haunt Audiences December 15 - Movie Trailer

The Mark of Bell Witch - Movie Trailer

Small Town Monsters has announced the Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD release of their latest investigative docudrama, The Mark of the Bell Witch. Noted urban legend documentarian Seth Breedlove (The Mothman Legacy) describes the film as a dramatized ...

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Playhouse - Movie Review


Legends live again! With a focus on unsettling locations and strong production values, Playhouse arrives to do all sorts of unspeakable horror upon its audience.  It is primarily concerned with an author who digs up the past for profit ...

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Cicada - Movie Review

CicadaGriffith Park.  2001.  That’s when and where Cicada, the new horror/comedy from writer/director David Willis, takes place.  What follows is yet another win for Wild Eye Releasing and horror/comedy hybrids everywhere as giant insects take flight over Los Angeles and start wrecking ...

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Derelicts - Movie Review

DerelictsIt was only a matter of time before Thanksgiving got ruined, too, by the Horrid Hounds of Horror who put films together.  This time, though, it isn’t by a random knifing.  Nor is it from some shady stalkery from a Babysitter Killer who roams the neighborhood in a Kirk mask. No, this chiller  ...

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Werewolf (2020) - Movie Trailer

Werewolf - Movie TrailerSummer, 1945. Eight children from Gross Rosen concentration camp find a provisional hiding place in an abandoned orphanage nearby, lost among forests. It seems that after the horrors of the war feral children may come back ...

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War of the Colossal Beast (1958) - Blu-ray Review

War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

We aren’t in Las Vegas anymore, baby! Written, produced, and directed by Mr. Rear-Projection himself, Bert Gordon (King Dinosaur, Earth vs. the Spider, The Amazing Colossal Man, and Empire of the Ants), War of the Colossal Beast is the ...

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How to Make a Monster (1958) - Blu-ray Review

How to Make a Monster (1958)Fans of Paul Blaisdell’s creature work for films like The She-Creature, It Conquered The World, and Invasion of the Saucer Men are going to dig How to Make a Monster as his monster designs get some prime camera time when hung on the walls.  Some audiences are going to see ...

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Return to Splatter Farm - Movie Review

Return to Splatter Farm

Beware the barn!  Ah, f@#$ it.  Enter at your own risk, fools.  You’ve been warned. With the smells of rotted wood and autumn leaves hanging in the air, you know that it is time to celebrate serial killing season once more!  Hell, we even have a Friday the 13th release for this horror flick ...

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