Black Panther - Movie Review

You can unroll another 20 of these: I’m in.

Fifty Shades Freed

The mommy-porn trilogy has finally reached its climactic end. Thank goodness!

Monster Family - Movie Review

One big hairy mess.

Winchester - Movie Review

Winchester misfires

Jigsaw - Blu-ray Review

Good or bad, a new trap is set.

Happy Death Day - Blu-ray Review

Far more enjoyable when it doesn’t take itself quite so seriously

Geostorm (2017 - Blu-ray Review

Don’t even act like you care about this one.

mother! - DVD Review

Even a talented actress can't polish poop.

New on Blu-ray

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971) - Blu-ray Review

A lizard in a Woman's Skin (1971) - Blu-rayPsychedelic dream sequences; wild orgies; LSD; and a scene of grotesque canine disemboweling experiments that nearly sent A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin’s famous director to prison.  This is the beating heart of an Italian cinematic masterpiece that explores the fuzzy ...

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The Creep Behind the Camera/The Creeping Terror (2014) - Blu-ray Review

The Creep Behind the Camera / The Creeping TerrorEgads!  An amazingly large creature is on the loose in Los Angeles hunting down women (and it’s not Harvey Weinstein).  It swallows its victims whole sucking them down from finger to toe (again, not Weinstein).  Wailing as it does while slurping them down its throat ...

Read more: The Creep Behind the Camera/The Creeping Terror (2014) - Blu-ray Review

Don't Sleep (2017) - Movie Review

Don't Sleep - Movie ReviewAwful.  Just awful.  And, truly, it didn’t need to be this way.  Don’t Sleep is, at its core, an intelligent idea for a new horror story.  I won’t and can’t fault writer/director Rick Bieber for being somewhat creative there.  A boy facing the darker aspects of his soul all too soon  ...

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Red Christmas (2017) - Blu-ray Review

Red Christmas - Blu-ray ReviewGet the Yuletide fears this Halloween season.  Red Christmas has arrived! ...

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The Green Slime (1968) - Blu-ray Review

The Green Slime (1968) - Blu-ray ReviewIt’s green.  It radiates.  It spreads.  And it’s on the surface of a rogue asteroid headed toward our planet.  The Green Slime must be stopped ...

Read more: The Green Slime (1968) - Blu-ray Review

Baby Driver - Blu-ray Review

Baby Driver - Movie ReviewNever before have the loves of speed and killer tunes come together so magically as they do in filmmaker Edgar Wright’s latest, a genre-crossing masterpiece with music on the brain and burnt rubber in its soul. It’s called Baby Driver and it’s a mob movie. It’s also a heist movie ...

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78/52 - Movie Review

78/52 - Movie ReviewThe woman in the center of the camera’s frame has just made a decision.  She is going to return the money she stole.  Satisfied, she picots away from the desk and walks into the bathroom.  It is a clean, white place.  The bathrooms in Alfred Hitchcock’s movies are  ...

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The Hidden (1987) - Blu-ray Review

The Hidden (1987) - Blu-ray ReviewI’m not sure there is a more timely release date for The Hidden than right now.  This forgotten and largely ignored tale of cops and aliens is a fun festival of all our recent greatest hits.  A creepy crawly alien taking over the mind of a wannabe president?  Wowser.  I am all ears ...

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Vampyr: The Criterion Collection (1932) - Blu-ray Review

Vampyre: The Criterion Collection - Blu-rayThe river appears cold and an old man – silent and sullen – has a weighty expression drawing his lips together into a fierce single line as he tolls a forlorn bell. His eyes are full of the bleak landscape; immediate and mean.  His is a face dirty and grim with the soiled handiwork ...

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Chucky: The Complete 7-Movie Collection (1988-2017) - Blu-ray Review

Chucky: The Complete 7-Movie Collection (1988-2017) - Blu-rayKids and corporations go hand-in-hand. Don’t believe me? Just watch any cartoon show and count the number of commercials tailored for them. It should be no secret; Corporations DEPEND on their brand being imprinted upon these tiny tots and the earlier the better ...

Read more: Chucky: The Complete 7-Movie Collection (1988-2017) - Blu-ray Review

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