Glass (2019) - Movie Review

a phony mess of a comic book movie wannabe

The Upside (2019) - Movie Review

A delightfully charming and oftentimes hilarious little film

The 6th Friend

Takes itself WAY TOO serious

Escape Room - Movie Review

A white-knuckle thriller

Mid90s - Movie Review

In a word, it is simply brilliant.

White Boy Rick - Blu-ray Review

It is sad, heartfelt, funny, entertaining, and as dangerous as a box of dynamite.

Bad Times at the El Royale - Blu-ray Review

I wouldn’t hesitate to return for another stay at the El Royale

A Simple Favor - Blu-ray Review

There is an elegance to the mystery

New on Blu-ray

Skinner (1993) - Blu-ray

Skinner (1993) - Blu-ray ReviewSometimes it takes Time itself to catch up with a movie.  This is the case with director Ivan Nagy’s Skinner.  Hailing from the beginning of the 1990s and twisted as hell, this film is responsible for many a late night in my younger and wilder days.  This is an odd tale of serial killing ...

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Our Most Wanted on Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD This Week - January 15, 2019


As we continue our warp speed trek into the new year, the blu-ray and 4K action begins to heat back up this week of January 15th with a good slate of offerings sure to tickle the fancy of hi-def movie buffs ...

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Mid90s - Blu-ray Review

Mid90s - Movie Review

There’s no grand message in Mid90s, the heartfelt new film written and directed by actor Jonah Hill who takes his first turn at bat behind the camera. And there’s really not much of a story either. This sincere little coming of age film is perfectly content to simply sit back and ...

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Blood Bound (2019) - Movie Review

BloodboundThe young woman climbs over the railing of the bridge as the wind stirs around her.  It is a beautiful day; full of sunshine and green fields that stretch on toward the horizon.  Endless and carefree.  For her, though, with no other choice, all she can feel is THE END.  She  ...

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8mm (1999) - Blu-ray Review

8mm - (1999) - Blu-ray ReviewToning down the pornography and turning up the violence, Joel Schumacher’s 8mm remains a disturbing look at the uglier side of the pornography business.  The film stars Nicolas Cage as private detective Tom Welles and Joaquin Phoenix as an adult video clerk  ...

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Jungle Holocaust (1977) - Blu-ray Review

Jungle Holocaust - Blu-ray ReviewThere is a sudden peace next to the river here.  Amidst all the brown colors in this barren jungle of mud, this one moment of fertile green breaks through: a native woman cradles her newly born baby.  A man and a woman, seconds earlier, were racing for their lives and now  ...

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Blind Date (1984) - Blu-ray Review

Blind Date 1984 - Blu-ray

. . . in which the Greeks go giallo. . . Greek filmmaker Nico Mastorakis (The Zero Boys, Hired to Kill, Island of Death) is widely known for his affinity and his production of B-grade films.  Blind Date, in which actor Joseph Bottoms, playing ex-pat ...

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Let the Corpses Tan (2017) - Blu-ray Review

Let the Corpses Tan - Blu-ray ReviewSometimes a movie is so insanely cool that there can be no stopping its ascension through the gates of classic cinema.  Let the Corpses Tan (Laissez bronzer les cadavres) is one of those movies.  From the beautiful Mediterranean summer that hugs this modern day  ...

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Stormy Weather: default.cfg’s i hope you get wet with the rain - Music Review


The reverb.  The chopped-up smooth jazz.  The POWER and the hypnosis of it all.  What I immediately LOVE about default.cfg’s i hope you get wet with the rain is the fact that what was once disposable background vibes and random cues from ...


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The 6th Friend - Movie Review

The 6th FriendThe 6th Friend is not a new arrival to the horror-filled block of new titles.  Perhaps you have heard of it?  An uninvited guest torment estranged friends now held up in a vacation home that is isolated way back in the woods.  The women are trying to get over a tragic event  ...

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