Batman on the Big Screen - The Nolan EraTo celebrate the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will revisit all the Batman films leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. After the sour taste Batman and Robin left in many peoples’ mouths, a lengthy odyssey followed to ...

Val Kilmer Batman

To celebrate the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will revisit all the Batman films leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. THE SCHUMACHER ERA (1995-1997) It was with no small sense of loss that Batman fans learned Tim Burton was ...

Michael Keaton BatmanTo celebrate the culmination of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we will revisit all the Batman films leading up to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. THE BURTON ERA (1989-1992). There are two pop culture loves that have been with me my entire life...

Oscars 2012

Ever wonder why the eventual Oscar winners almost never align with your own picks? It may be because the demographic of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) - the association responsible for voting for the wards - is made up of a membership that bears ...

Warner Home VideoMovie lovers who prefer satisfying a cinematic sweet tooth by patronizing Netflix's DVD-by-mail service or any of the numerous Redbox or Blockbuster DVD rental kiosks that dot nearly every corner of every street in America, are well aware by now  ...

2012 Awards Oscar TrackerIt's that time again. Not only the Holiday season when Hollywood begins rolling out its big-budgeted blockbusters with hopes of decking the theaters with boughs of bottoms, but also that time of year when the studios make their big Oscar push...

2011 Fall Movie PreviewWith the sweltering sun finally giving way to the autumn of the year, it's time to turn our thoughts to shorter days, cooler temperatures, and best of all, hotter movies. We know Hollywood likes to save the best for last so, as the summer blockbusters ...

2011 Oscar WinnersEvery last one of the Oscars has been handed out, even those that go to all the geeky technical categories (in the words of one of the worst Oscar hosts in history, "Thank you nerds"). And we were there planted on the couch watching ...

2011 Oscar PredictionsThe official ballots are in, the trophies are polished, and the red carpet is rolling into place as we speak. This means Oscar night is upon us. Besides reminding us how far back into the calendar this thing has been pushed, it means it's time to...

Disney's FantasiaThis one comes from the "Found Treasures" file. We just ran across a 1940 copy of Look Magazine that caught our eye, not just because of the age of the issue - or that we were privileged enough to receive the copy from a friend - but rather because of a particular piece of coverage contained within the yellowed pages of the now defunct bi-weekly.

2011 Movie Preview

Is the late-winter cinematic dead zone sapping the life from your movie watching funtime? Then it's time to step away from the Netflix subscription and start thinking about the upcoming sequels, prequels, sci-fis, dramas, and comedies Hollywood has in store for 2011.

2010 Awards Oscar TrackerBelieve it or not, the movie awards season is upon us. And that means it's time to start keeping an eye on the movers and shakers... the big movies that are getting all the buzz for Oscar consideration.

Throughout the remainder of the season, by the use our super-secret algorithmic formula* we'll keep this list of Oscar predictions and hopefuls fresh and up-to-date. Keep in mind, this isn't necessarily a list of the ones we hope will win, but we do think these are the heavy hitters. Consider this your one-stop-shop for identifying the 2010 Oscar contenders.

Fall Movie Preview 2010

You can keep your summer season of big budget "blockbusters" bustling with comic-book characters and lycra-tighted super heroes. Because as far as we're concerned, fall marks the beginning of the real movie season. Check out a list of the ones that make our movie pants go a little crazy.

Steven  Spielberg

Despite his own success, Steven Spielberg Optimistic on What He Hasn’t Yet Done for Films

This is the true story of one of the biggest and most successful names in cinema history. Today, this living legend is a demi-God to movie goers the world over, besides being an inspiration to highly acclaimed actors, producers and directors.

We Take a look at the Upcoming Films for 2010

"Llorando" ("Crying")

Llorando - Rebekah del Rio

Words and music written by Roy Orbison & Joe Melson, translation by Thania Sanz as performed by Rebekah del Rio (from the soundtrack album for Mulholland Dr, 2001).

Every site does it and everyone expects it. So here's our list of the best and worst movies of 2009. While these are not necessarily our picks for Oscar consideration, we do think you could do worse seeing anything else. Movies listed are in no particular order.

How to Draw BambiAnother from the "Found Treasures" file - the recent 60th anniversary blu-ray release of Disney's Alice in Wonderland got us waxing nostalgic for all things Disney. The glorious restoration sparkles with crisp...

No talking during the movie, period - Shouldn't even have to mention this one. I'll even extend this rule to apply to the saying, "Ooo, I want to see that one" after a trailer. If you are Trailer Critic Man, keep it to yourself.

OscarIf you are a movie buff like many of us here, then this is probably old news. Even so, if you want to earn the distinction of having watched every single movie to have won an Oscar for "Best Picture" at the Academy Awards, then read on.

Many countries produce their own movies reflecting a culture distinct to its unique background, but why do Hollywood films have the largest take on export? Simply because, American cinema has an overwhelming effect on the rest of the world.

Watching a good movie these days requires time and money. Money to rent or view a movie at home or at the cinemas, and time you wish you hadn't wasted if the movie ends up not to your expectations. While both time and money are running low these days, here's some information that will help you differentiate between a good film and one that will unnecessarily gnaw into your pockets for a good two hours or more.

Refreshment United Arab  EmiratesGoing to the movies in the UAE is a favorite if not serious past time for thousands of individuals. Block-busters are released in sync with major world cities. Though lesser anticipated films reach here weeks sometimes months after release in the US, UK and Australia.


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Following is a collection of our "best of" movie lists. After each list is a link to a discussion panel that will allow you to let us know your favorites or to point out ones we failed to mention.

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