Noise in the Middle

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When a horror film works, its audience is absolutely haunted by its content.  That’s what happens throughout Noise in the Middle, a horror film which will leave you spellbound by its cinematography and its wicked sense of atmosphere, both filling each frame with chills as an uncovered cornerstone leads to so much more for one broken man.  This is a narrative where the grieving becomes ghostly.

There is a three-minute opening full of picturesque Canadian scenery which opens the new horror film from Whiskey Tango Films, and in it you will find a beauty not often sewn into the genre.  That’s a plus as we immediately feel as if Stanley Kubrick is to thank for these revelations à la The Shining.

The smartly-crafted film is about an ill-equipped father caring for his non-verbal autistic daughter and, this beautifully haunting opening has a poignant beginning which sees their car - amidst tall, tall trees - entering into a bank of heavy fog.  This is where the two souls in the car, a father and his daughter, will dwell for a large chunk of the movie as they BOTH deal with demons threatening to destroy them.

Noise in the Middle is Writer/Director Marcus McCollum’s film debut and it is an impressive feat when it comes to terror as a broken man with no patience and a drug and alcohol problem finds himself dealing with a haunted house and an equally haunted little girl.  Things in his new house, a rental that is right next to the facility where the experimental therapy for Emmy (Faye Hostetter) will happen, definitely go bump in the night and Richard (John Mese) must deal with more than most as shadows turn to voices which, in turn, become figures.

Something deadly is happening here.

Sara (Tara Buck), his deceased wife, wanted this scenic change for their daughter, so - with no questions asked - he finds himself uprooting them and taking her and himself someplace new.  Little does Richard know the house he’s renting has a haunted history. While Richard struggles with his wife’s death he soon realizes he has no patience, skills, or even any empathy to deal with Emmie’s condition and begins to find solace in drinking and drugs.  

All of which angers the spirits in the house.  

As the paranormal activity picks up, so do the complications with his daughter’s diagnosis.  These two phenomenons combine to cause an unexpected psychic link within Emmie and soon Richard finds himself haunted by Sara, but is it really her or something else which feeds off of the misery in the house?

Co-written by Glen Kannon, the film stars John Mese (Night of the Scarecrow), Tara Buck (True Blood), Tom Konkle (Hornet), Juliette Jeffers (Lemon), Jim Holmes (How to Be a Vampire) and features a remarkable Faye Hostetter as Emmie.

The film will make its exclusive, worldwide premiere on the premium AVOD Horror Channel, and will remain on the platform exclusively for 6 weeks before launching onto multiple digital platforms beginning in December.

With its scares cranked to 11, Noises in the Middle makes for a compelling horror movie as grief gives way to ghosts and goblins.

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