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Griffith Park.  2001. That’s when and where Cicada, the new horror/comedy from writer/director David Willis, takes place.  What follows is yet another win for Wild Eye Releasing and horror/comedy hybrids everywhere as giant insects take flight over Los Angeles and start wrecking (already horrible) lives in some pretty funny ways.

"never lets up in its insect-helmed horror and the results are hilariously entertaining"


As Cicada opens, there is a marked concern for the safety and survival of the cicada.  Already, they are swarming, yet all of that escapes the attention of the do-gooders.  The woman handing out the pamphlets in the park is getting harassed by the people jogging by.  That doesn’t stop her or her son, who are both waxing poetic about cicadas and their young, but she tries to pay them no mind.  The cicadas are important, damn it!


Perhaps, more people should have listened because - when an environmental spill causes a groundskeeper's head to explode (after gargling spit-up in his mouth and beard) and the workers in the park make the spill worse - the cicadas aren’t messing around!  

Soon, a young boy’s baseball coach also loses his head when one of the immediately affected bugs bites his neck . . . and so it begins!

Thus, a hilarious set of events are put into motion in Cicada, which is now on Digital and DVD from Wild Eye Releasing.  This creature feature might be full of some purposefully horrible acting from its cast, but it never lets up in its insect-helmed horror and the results are hilariously entertaining as Los Angeles residents are carried off by giant bugs and only this motley crew can “man up” in time to save the day!Cicada

Starring David Aguilera, Nathan Alexander, and Andrew Amicangelo, over a decade has passed since that little league baseball player was swinging at his coach’s balls.  That’s long enough for the mutating genes to take hold in the new batch of cicadas which are flying all throughout Los Angeles.  

Now, these bloodthirsty cicadas are giant-sized and pissed off!  They make for some hilarious targets as every joke that you can think to include about insects are featured in this matinee-sized B-grade flick.  Some of the jokes land and some miss.  It doesn’t matter because Cicada, with its tongue firmly in its cheek, is a certifiable (and deranged) home run.

From what appears to be some hilarious puppet insects to awful CGI, Cicada is overrun with insects and really bad jokes.  They all mix to create something that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser when the audience gets drunk enough.  That’s what happens when four unstable “friends”, led by a disgraced baseball player, must join together to protect the citizens of Los Angeles.

Cicada flies onto DVD and Digital this November from Wild Eye Releasing!

4/5 stars



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MPAA Rating: Unrated.
9 mins
: Matthew Fifer, Kieran Mulcare
Matthew Fifer
Matthew Fifer, Sheldon D. Brown, Sandra Bauleo
: Horror | Sci-fi
Kills Humans Dead.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Lock the doors, close the windows. Do it now."
Wild Eye Releasing.
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Release Date:
August 20, 2020
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
August 20, 2020.
Synopsis: After an environmental disaster, four eccentric friends led by a disgraced baseball player must band together to defend Los Angeles from a swarm of bloodthirsty cicadas.


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