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Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

Alien invaders?  Mind control via sharks?  Underwater inner monologues?  Treasure and babes in bikinis?  Shark Encounters of the Close Kind has it all!  It even has an abundant amount of gut busting laughs as this comedy takes nothing seriously - even the shark attacks!

"In the era of Covid-19, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is EXACTLY what we need"


Look, this might be one of the few positive reviews this B-grade flick gets and I don't really care.  This is the type of film that - when done correctly (which this one is) - pulls off something that is hard to do as it combines all its weaknesses into a fun 75-minute ride through some pretty sketchy cinematic beaches.  In the era of Covid-19, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is EXACTLY what we need.

And it all comes off with a cinematic swagger that can ONLY be described as badass!  Sure, sure, the film walks and talks like it cost less than $25 to make (or $30,000), but it sure is a blast to watch as CGI sharks decapitate anyone dumb enough to enter a body of water that keeps pulsing with electricity. Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

Directed by Mark Polonia and written by John Oak Dalton, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is what happens when hostile aliens crash land at the bottom of the ocean and, via their mind control technologies, then use sharks to terrorize a local small town.  The ripping apart of dimwitted humans happens early and fairly regularly and, as the underwater and CGI effects are absolutely cheesy and apologetically embraced by the filmmakers, they never cease to produce chuckles.

Starring Jennie Russo, Titus Himmelberger, Yolie Canales, Natalie Hallead, and featuring Jeff Kirkendall and Mark Polonia as treasure hunting pirates, this slice of greasy B-grade pizza pie never balks at a chance to exploit its beach-side setting or its characters, causing all sorts of mayhem on and around the beach of this small town as the water turns red, the harbor patrol notices the floating heads have burn marks instead of bite marks, and the girls go wild!

Co-starring Steve Diasparra, Kate Farber, and Kathryn Sue Young, this Spielberg knockoff combines the search for Nazi gold with outlandish alien invasions and shark attacks as a motley crew of townspeople - with some unexpected help - rally together for a climax you won’t soon forget as more than one beach babe gets caught between a shark and a hard place!

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind is for cult flick enthusiasts only.  Cinema squares need not “waste” their time.  This wild film is now available on digital from Wild Eye Releasing!

4/5 beers

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind


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Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
75 mins
: Mark Palonia
John Oak Dalton
Titus Himmelberger, Natalie Himmelberger, Jennie Russo
: Horror

Memorable Movie Quote: "Sharks have been bad this time of year."
Wild Eye Releasing
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September 15, 2020
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Synopsis:  A group of hostile aliens crash land at the bottom of the ocean, and via mind control use sharks to terrorize a small town full of secrets in the hopes of completing their invasion mission. It's up to a disparate group of townspeople to sort it out, but in the end it's sharks versus aliens in a surprising climax.

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

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