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The Blaylock Residence

The Baylock Residence is a house full of dark secrets and even darker reasons.

Things go bump in the night in writer/director Anthony M. Winston’s The Baylock Residence, premiering Tuesday, September 17, 2019 on VOD through Wild Eye Releasing. Haunted house aficionados will want to check out the spooks in this parade of horrors as the past, once thought dead and gone, comes back to life . . . with a vengeance.

"The Conjuring meets Downton Abbey in The Baylock Residence, a goosebump-inducing haunted house flick"

Winston’s new horror film, sometimes creepy and sometimes campy, is a remake of his earlier effort, The Haunting of the Baylock Residence, only this time the setting has been changed to protect the innocent. Ditching the 1970s in favor of a ravaged England circa 1944, complete with sudden bombings and fires, makes for an interesting facelift as one woman inherits a very haunted home in the middle of a war.

Featuring performances from Kelly Goudie, Sarah Wynne Kordas and Lindsay Foster, The Baylock Residence is strong on its handling of female characters. It is also full of long hallways, conversations about the events in the house, and one chilling family secret involving a very strange man.

You see, upon the tragic passing of her sister, Patricia Woodhouse (Goudie) inherits her family’s estate. It should be something joyous and yet it is marred with tragedy and unexpected drama. Thanks to the assistance of her sister’s maid (Kordas as Annabelle), Patricia finds herself in the middle of an investigation into what her family dark past holds close to its chest.

She, due mysterious sounds in bedrooms, strange waltzes, and one jump scare after another, discovers that something or someone has been haunting the home for decades and, within all the haunting, there thrives a disturbing family secret that she must uncover.

While the film covers the upper echelon of British class and values, this film gets it charm over in grittier ways. This is an independent production that tries to make itself noticeable through tense moments, tight camera work, and wild sounds in and around the residence. It mostly works, making good use of the stairs and other parts of this bigger house.The Blaylock Residence

Strange behaviors are definitely a part of the house’s sordid history. While we, alongside Patricia, get to piece together the clues, the deadly truth plays other games with us. It is one of hide and seek and, perhaps, it goes on for a bit too long than it ought to thanks to the creepy shadows looming about in the background. Clues like this are pronounced and the long conversations in shadowed areas of the house don’t help waive off some of the predictability here.

All in all, The Baylock Residence has its moments where the haunted house vibe comes shining through splendidly before the camp factor – because it must be addressed – tunes out the audience’s interest. If only more of the house had been a character, though. That’s this remake’s greatest misstep.

The Conjuring meets Downton Abbey in The Baylock Residence, a goosebump-inducing haunted house flick that is now available thanks to Wild Eye Releasing.

3/5 stars

The Blaylock Residence


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The Blaylock Residence

MPAA Rating: R.
90 mins
: Anthony M. Winson
Anthony M. Winson
Kelly Goudie, Sarah Wynne Kordas, Lindsay Foster
: Horror
The Conjuring meets Downton Abbey.
Memorable Movie Quote: "She left something rather important to you."
Wild Eye Releasing
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September 17, 2019
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Synopsis: After the death of her sister, Patricia inherits her family’s estate and soon discovers that something or someone has been haunting the home for decades and harbors a disturbing family secret that she must uncover.

The Blaylock Residence

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