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Impossible Mission (2019) - Movie Review

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Impossible Mission (2019)

“He’s dead.  Send the money.”  With that sentence, one agent named Rosa (Jimena Gala) shows the audience of High Octane’s Impossible Mission just how skilled she is at making deadly poisons.  There’s just one problem.  She is tired; emotionally drained from all the killing.  She wants out of the spy business.  For good.  And Impossible Mission, debuting on May 7, from High Octane Pictures is the story of how she gets out for good.

"The fuse might be lit, folks, but it’s on a dud."

But it won’t be easy.  Neither will your time spent in this world of emotional assassins and ticking-clock theories.  Impossible Mission is damn near impossible to get through.  It turns out that few dead bodies and a whole lot of hot-air talking does not make the best of action flicks.

But, hey, at least this spy flick, formerly called The Vibe, looks good, right?

Full of exciting locales in Barcelona, both Spain and Gala look absolutely gorgeous throughout the production.  That being said, the hunt for a spiritual leader who interrupts a football match with talk of “everything being vibrations” couldn’t be any more boring.  It seems writer/director Gilles Gambino wants an Atomic Blonde sort of thing here, but there’s little here but a lot of talking heads and exposition to get our hearts racing.

Which is unfortunate for those wanting and expecting some hard-hitting action.  Because Impossible Mission has got little in the way of excitement, but it certainly has a lot of vibration.

Co-starring Ben Vinnicombe and James Giblin, Impossible Mission is happiest when giving its audience information about “the man in the tv” rather than giving us an expert showdown.  This is a movie that takes on the idea of transforming reality (which is interesting enough on its own) and then doesn’t bother to give us any reason to keep watching.  Is it alien technology?  Is it just crazy talk from a lunatic?  It doesn’t really matter in Impossible MissionImpossible Mission (2019)

Rosa just wants to get the job done.  And, with a low key electronic score as a background, Gambino fails to deliver a mission worthy of her unique skills and kills.  She follows, she chats, she cries, she observes, and – as she closes in on her subject – that she might be in over her head thanks to the people pulling the strings high above her.

Bang, bang, shoot, shoot, but really a HUGE miss.  Impossible Mission is available on DVD and VOD on May 7th, from High Octane Pictures.

The fuse might be lit, folks, but it’s on a dud.

2 stars

Impossible Mission (2019)


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Scared Stiff (1987)

MPAA Rating: Unrated.

: Gilles Gambino
Gilles Gambino
Jimena Gala, Ben Vinnicombe, and James Giblin
: Action
This rose has thorns.
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High Octane Pictures
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On Demand and VOD May 7, 2019
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Synopsis: Rosa, a master assassin with a knack for poisons sets out on a search and destroy mission against a spiritual leader, but conflicts within her own organization may spell disaster for her long before she ever closes in on her target.

Impossible Mission (2019)

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