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The Devil's Candy - Blu-ray Review

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The Devil's Candy - Movie Review

5 beersHell, yes!!!!  If you are anything like me (and completely landlocked), you probably feel like you have waited entirely too long to see this horror movie.  I first heard about The Devil’s Candy in 2015, where it debuted at Fantastic Fest, and the reviews were through the roof.  Everyone was stoked and then, well, the movie simply disappeared.  I’m not really sure what happened to cause it to vanish they way in which it did, but - after a two year delay - the film is finally celebrating its stateside release.

And it really is as good as the reviews indicated.  The Devil’s Candy is a tension-filled story that combines art – the work of artist Stephen Kasner to be Satan-specific – with heavy metal, demonic possession, and parenthood all twisted and tangled within a rural Texas farm house deep in Williamson County. It is a two-story home where something terrible happened which is why it is listed as cheap and affordable as it is. 

But this is not a haunted house tale.

While the movie is supported by some heavy tunes, The Devil’s Candy is not your typical rock and schlock horror film thanks to the vision of a director who understands the horror genre and a haunting narrative inspired by worries all new parents surely must feel.  If you’ve ever asked yourself if you and your spouse can keep this new human being that you’ve brought home from the hospital alive, safe, and protected, then The Devil’s Candy is the movie for you.

Written and directed by Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones), the independent movie stars a completely unrecognizable Ethan Embry (Empire Records) as Jesse, the artist who moves his family into a new house with a great new workspace only to watch their lives spiral out of control thanks to the unwelcomed activity of Ray (Pruitt Taylor Vince, The Walking Dead).  You see, Ray used to live in the house where his parents died.  As a teen, he would play his electric guitar real loud, too, in order to drown out the demonic voices coming from the wall.  But now he’s a grown ass man and the voices are still there…

Let’s pause right there.  Before I get too far ahead of myself with the plot, you must know that both Embry and Vince bring intensity to their roles that make their performances second to none.  Vince as the paranoid schizoid has a brutality in his performance that makes him unpredictable and shocking.  Embry’s passion and understanding of the character jumps off the screen.  They make this movie work with their sheer dedication.

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker in the television series Roswell) plays Jesse’s wife and Kiara Glasco (from David Cronenberg's Maps to the Stars) is their teenage daughter who becomes the object of desire for the voices controlling Ray.  What follows in an unsettling and unflinching look at the mistakes parents make when raising preteens, the effect upon art in its representation of the hidden world, and a rock and roll altercation with Gibson Flying V guitars.

With a blistering soundtrack that features Slayer, Metallica, Machinehead, and drone-metal experimentalists Sun O)))), this haunted tale of madness out upon the marigolds makes for a bloody good time.  Rock on, Horror Hounds and Gore-Gore Girls, your ticket for sweet-tasting heavy metal horror has arrived with The Devil’s Candy!

The Devil's Candy - Movie Review

MPAA Rating: R.
79 mins
: Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne
Ethan Embry, Shiri Appleby, Pruitt Taylor Vince
: Horror
Beautifully Shot and Genuinely Chilling.
Memorable Movie Quote: "Oh, my God! Dad! I said I wanted a flying V and he's given me his!"
Theatrical Distributor:
No theatrical release.
Official Site:
Release Date:
17 March 2017 (internet)
DVD/Blu-ray Release Date:
No details available.
Synopsis: A struggling painter is possessed by satanic forces after he and his young family move into their dream home in rural Texas, in this creepy haunted-house tale.


The Devil's Candy - Movie Review


Blu-ray Details:

Home Video Distributor: Shout Factory
Available on Blu-ray - September 26, 2017
Screen Formats: 2.40:1
Subtitles: English SDH; Spanish
Audio: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1; English: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0
Discs: Blu-ray Disc; single disc
Region Encoding: Locked to Region A

Shout! Factory presents The Devil’s Candy on Blu-Ray with a fine 1080p transfer. Colors are solid and details – especially the farmhouse’s barn!!! – are crisp. Shadows have solid lines and a great contrast runs throughout this heavy metal-minded presentation. With Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, and Sunn O))) on the soundtrack, you better believe the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 kicks all sorts of ass. The fire effects are dynamite and provide a serious glow that will kick-start anybody’s Friday night right. This transfer ROCKS.



Director Sean Byrne provides a detailed commentary about the making of the movie.

Special Features:

Surprisingly, Shout! Factory provides a lot of interesting supplemental material concerning the making of the movie, its effects, and a look at the director’s other short film. On top of the short film and the commentary from director Sean Byrne, we also get a peek at the demented and devilish artwork provided for the movie. This one is a solid release that fans are going to be interested in scooping up.

  • Visual Effects Featurette
  • Advantage Satan
  • Music Video
  • Art Gallery
  • Theatrical Trailer

The Devil's Candy - Movie Review

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