The Oxford MurdersRated: Rated PG-13 (Spain)
Runtime: 105 mins.
Director: Álex de la Iglesia
Writer: Jorge Guerricaechevarría (writer); Álex de la Iglesia (screenplay)
Cast: Elijah Wood; John Hurt; Julie Cox ... complete cast
Tagline: Crimes à Oxford
Genre: Foreign/Crime/Thriller
Memorable Quote: "If we can find out the meaning of numbers, we can find out the meaning of life."
Distributor: THINKFilm

4 stars

The Burning PLainMPAA Rating: R for sexuality, nudity and language.
Runtime: 111 mins.
Director: Guillermo Arriaga
Writer: Guillermo Arriaga
Cast: Charlize Theron, Kim Basinger, Jennifer Lawrence, Joaquim de Almeida, JD Pardo, Tessa La, Robin Tunney, John Corbett, Brett Cullen ... complete cast
Tagline: Love heals. Love absolves. Love burns.
Genre: Crime | Drama
Memorable Quote: "Let's just pack your car up and we'll go somewhere and start over." ... more quotes
Release Date: No U.S. theatrical release.
DVD Release Date: January 12, 2010

3 Stars

Elf - Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: PG for some mild rude humor and language.
Jon Favreau
Writer: David Berenbaum
Will Ferrell; James Caan; Mary Steenbergen
: Comedy | Family | Holiday
Official Site:
Memorable Quote:
"You're a cotton-headed ninny-muggins"
Tagline: This holiday, discover your inner elf.
Release Date: November 7, 2003
Own it on Blu-ray: October 26, 2010
Buy it hereElf (Ultimate Collector's Edition) [Blu-ray]

V; The Complete First Season - Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: This title not rated by the MPAA
Kenneth Johnson
Elizabeth Mitchell; Morris Chestnut; Joel Gretsch
: Sci-fi | Television
Official Site:
Memorable Quote:
"To lose someone so close... it's devastating"
Own it on Blu-ray: November 2, 2010
Buy it hereV: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]

AntichristMPAA Rating: Not rated by the MPAA.
Runtime: 104 mins.
Director: Lars von Trier
Writer: Lars von Trier
Cast: Willem Dafoe; Charlotte Gainsbourg
Tagline: When nature turns evil, true terror awaits.
Genre: Drama/Horror
Memorable Quote: "What do you think is supposed to happen in the woods? "
Release Date: October 23, 2009 (limited).

3 Stars

Jackass 3D Movie ReviewFar more than anything in the act of filmmaking I appreciate honesty the most.  Most Hollywood features these days sell themselves on a lie or they greedily want to steal your money with flashy effects or easy sequels and...

The Killing RoomMPAA Rating: R for violent content and language.
Runtime: 93 mins.
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Writer: Gus Krieger and Ann Peacock
Cast: Chloë Sevigny, Nick Cannon, Clea DuVall, Timothy Hutton, Shea Whigham, Peter Stormare. ... complete cast
Tagline: The Killing Room.
Genre: Drama | Thriller
Memorable Quote: "These tapes do not exist, this room does not exist." ... more quotes
Release Date: January 16, 2009 (Sundance Film Festival)
DVD Release Date: October 13, 2009
Distributor: No U.S. Distributor

3 Stars

Broken HillMPAA Rating: PG for thematic elements and some language.
Runtime: 102 mins.
Director: Dagen Merrill
Writer: Dagen Merrill
Cast: Alexa Vega; Timothy Hutton; Rhys Wakefield
Tagline: Broken Hill.
Genre: Drama | Family | Music
Memorable Quote: "Tommy, We hadn't got all day."
Release Date: September 11, 2009
DVD Release Date: Not yet on DVD.
Distributor: Audience Alliance Pictures

3 Stars

Megamind Movie Review

Tired of the Megamind marketing blitz that’s been saturating the TV airwaves and Internet digital bits for the better part of the last eight months? From partnering on Justin Bieber concerts to sponsoring the baseball World Series...

Let me In Movie Review

There ought to be a law against what Hollywood is doing to the foreign film market.  Seriously.  It certainly is an artistic travesty to think or assume that just because a film, such as Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In, is presented in a foreign language...

ShrinkMPAA Rating: R for drug content throughout, and pervasive language including some sexual references.
Runtime: 104 mins.
Director: Jonas Pate
Writer: Thomas Moffett
Cast: Kevin Spacey; Robin Williams; Gore Vidal ... complete cast
Tagline: The doctor is out.
Genre: Drama
Memorable Quote: "I'm just trying to sell smoke man. It's not that serious." ... more quotes
Release Date: July 31, 2009
DVD Release Date: May 10, 2010.
Distributor: Roadside Attractions

2 stars

The SecretsMPAA Rating: R for some nudity, sexuality and brief language.
Runtime: 127 mins.
Director: Avi Nesher
Writer: Hadar Galron & Avi Nesher
Cast: Fanny Ardant; Ania Bukstein; Michal Shtamler ... complete cast
Tagline: The Secrets.
Genre: Foreign/Drama
Memorable Quote: "As Orthodox women, our liberation is more difficult than that of secular women." ... more quotes
Release Date: March 13, 2009
DVD Release Date: This title not yet on DVD.
Distributor: Monterey Media

4 stars

Saw 3D Director: Kevin Greutert
: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan
Cast: Tobin Bell; Betsy Russell; Costas Mandylor

Well, it isn’t a prequel, but if you seriously think that everything has been leading up to the wooden acting that plagues Saw 3D, then you are sadly mistaken.  Sure, you’ll get answers.  You’ll get gore.  The 3D - while largely silly - isn’t a complete loss either.  Hell, you even get Cary Elwes again…just don’t expect much in the way of Jigsaw.  Too bad.  He’s been part of the fun of the Saw franchise chronology because – for John Kramer – death was certainly not the end, but his lessoning appearance in the series is dully noted in this the supposed final installment.  Yet, in spite of it all, Saw 3D does have its moments of cutting-edge fun, just not enough to keep the franchise propelling itself forward.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Movie ReviewDirector: Daniel Alfredson
Writer: Jonas Frykberg
Cast:Noomi Rapace; Michael Nyqvist; Lena Endre

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, The final movie based on Stieg Larsson’s wildly popular Millennium Trilogy, sadly rides off, not into a glorious sunset to bask in the proud achievement of having wrapped up the series on a high note, but rather into a hospital Intensive Care Unit to lick its bedsores. Director Daniel Alfredson and screenwriter Jonas Frykberg (who also collaborated on the second installment) should have been reminded to change the bed sheets and occasionally roll this yawner over.

Valentine's DayMPAA Rating: PG-13 for some sexual material and brief partial nudity.
: 125 mins.
: Garry Marshall
: Katherine Fugate
: Julia Roberts, Ashton Kutcher; Jessica Alba
: Romantic Comedy.
Memorable Movie Quote:
"I think that was from a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie."
Release Date:
February 12, 2010
Available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download: May 18, 2010

2 stars

Circus PBS Movie ReviewMPAA Rating: This title not rated by the MPAA. TV-PG. This program contains language that may not be appropriate for all viewers. Viewers' discretion is advised.
Director: Maro Chermayeff, Jeffrey Dupre
Genre: Television | Documentary
Memorable Movie Quote: "Load out. Load in. 16-20 hours a day."
Release Date: Television Premier November 10, 2010
Blu-ray Release Date:
November 9, 2010.

Red Movie ReviewRetirement is a joy for most. It’s something the common person looks forward to, plans for and usually loves every minute of.  Imagine doing nothing all day long. Absolutely nothing. What could possibly be dull about that?...

Ocean's 11 (1960) Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: This title not rated by the MPAA
Director: Lewis Milestone
: Harry Brown and Charles Lederer
Cast: Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop
Genre: Comedy | Crime
Memorable Movie Quote: "Because one December, every time I picked up the 'phone they sent me out into the snow to play with my friends. That was at the Bulge."
Release Date: August 10, 1960
Own it on Blu-ray:
November 9, 2010.

Conviction - Movie Review

Would you give up your life to save someone else’s? What if that “someone else” were your brother? That’s the burning dilemma behind Conviction, the true-life story of how a woman spent 18 years putting herself...

Waiting for SupermanThere’s a harsh reality for public education presented in Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman and an even harsher lesson to be learned for its filmmaker.  Having directed Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, Guggenheim’s Waiting for Superman and an...

Grindhouse Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: R for strong graphic bloody violence and gore, pervasive language, some sexuality, nudity and drug use.
Director: Robert Rodriguez; Quentin Tarantino
: Robert Rodriguez; Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Danny Trejo; Rose McGowen; Josh Brolin
Genre: Action | Horror | Thriller
Memorable Movie Quote: "White meat, dark meat. All will be carved. THANKSGIVING."
Release Date: April 6, 2007
Blu-ray Release Date:
October 5, 2010.

Centurion Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: R for sequences of strong bloody violence, grisly images and language.
Director: Neil Marshall
: Neil Marshall
Cast: Michael Fassbender; Dave Legeno; Axelle Carolyn
Genre: Action | Adventure
Memorable Movie Quote: "My name is Quintus Dias, I am a soldier of Rome, and this neither the beginning nor the end of my story."
Release Date: No wide theatrical release
Blu-ray Release Date:
November 2, 2010.

Paradise Lost: The Child MUrders at Robin Hood HillsMPAA Rating: NR - Not rated.
Director: Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
: Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky
Genre: Documentary | Crime
Tagline: It's frightening to think they did it. It's terrifying to think they didn't
Memorable Movie Quote: "I hate these boys and the mothers who bore them."
Release Date: January 1996 (Sundance Film Festival)
Blu-ray Release Date:
October 25, 2005.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: Not rated by the MPAA
Director: John Huston
:John Huston
Cast: Humphrey Bogart; Walter Huston; Tim Holt
Genre: Classic | Adventure
Memorable Movie Quote: "Nobody puts one over on Fred C. Dobbs."
Release Date: January 24, 1948
Blu-ray Release Date:
October 5, 2010

Get Low Movie ReviewOperating as if the last twenty-five years of filmmaking never happened, Get Low plows its narrative field with the slow pacing of a mule, yet stays steady enough to keep its overall work a worthy endeavor...

Piranha 3D - Movie Review When it was first announced that Piranha, the 1978 original spoof of Jaws, which was directed by Joe Dante, written by John Sayles, and produced by Roger Corman was going to be remade, an audible groan was heard from the masses.  This would never work so...

Back to the Future Trilogy - Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: PG for some action, sensuality, and language.
Director: Robert Zemeckis
: Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale
Cast: Crispin Glover; Michael J. Fox; Christopher Lloyd
Genre: Sci-fi | Adventure | Family
Memorable Movie Quote: "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?"
Blu-ray Release Date:
October 26, 2010.

The Last Exorcism Movie ReviewMPAA Rating: PG-13 for disturbing violent content and terror, some sexual references and thematic material.
: Daniel Stamm
: Huck Botko & Andrew Gurland
Ashley Bell; Patrick Fabian; Iris Bahr
: Horror
Believe in Him
Memorable Movie Quote:
"The Bible is filled with demons"
Theatrical Release Date:
August 27, 2010
DVD Release Date:
January 4, 2011

Last Boys: The Thirst Blu-ray ReviewMPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence, sexuality/nudity, language and some drug content.
Director: Dario Piana
: Evan Charnov, Hans Rodionoff
Cast: Corey Feldman; Tanit Phoenix; Casey B. Dolan
Genre: Horror
Memorable Movie Quote: "A father can't murder his own children. That would be in bad taste."
Release Date: No theatrical release.
Blu-ray Release Date:
October 12, 2010.

Machete - Movie ReviewMPAA Rating: R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity.
: Robert Rodriguez
: Robert Rodriguez and Álvaro Rodríguez
Cast: Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba; Cheech Marin
: Action | Adventure
Memorable Movie Quote:
"I absolve you of all your sins. Now, get the f@#$ out!"
Release Date:
September 3, 2010
DVD Release Date:
January 4, 2011

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