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Dimi Kaye's Dangerous

Iconic.  Groundbreaking.  Hypnotic.  Toss a dark suit jacket over your sunshiny yellow tee and let’s all get the feels with this brand-new release from Your Sister is a Werewolf as we hit the coast and rock out to some truly inventive instrumental jams.  Mark my  ...


lonstar cover

Corsair Hyperlane, the latest release from Ionstar, is not unlike a righteous journey through a distant galaxy.  Hang on tight and don’t look back seems to be the message.  With 6-tracks only, the mad skills of this producer demonstrate both purpose  ...


Simpler Times - Cover

What do YOU dream of?  That’s the opening question in the debut EP from Simpler Times.  Named Replicants, this EP is a pulse-pounding trip back in time to a Berlin dance floor from the early 1980s.  Bowie-esque, think of his production on Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, and you ...


Ethereal Delusion - Gravis

Jon Anthony Thomas has done a very brave thing.  He let it all go.  Every single thing and this includes his spellbinding blips, bleeps, and glitches.  The Ethereal Delusions that once was, well, is currently no more.  Exhibit A is Gravis, this producer’s  ...


Cat Temper - Album Cover

The cat puns!  The synth-minded tails!  The awesome (C)attitude!  Synthriders are going to lose their minds to what Cat Temper, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, has served up with his latest release! ...


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