Cowboys - Movie Review

Altogether Western, yet thoroughly modern

Baby Done - Movie Review

A watered down network sitcom

The Dig - Movie Review

Beautifully rendered

The White Tiger - Movie Review

Harrowing, and often humorous

Ammonite - Blu-ray Review

Forces us to work way too hard

Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 4K UHD Review


Infidel - Blu-ray Review

Both intriguing and confounding

Tenet - 4K UHD Review

An eye-popping spectacle

D.C. Cab (1983) - Blu-ray Review

D.C. Cab (1983)

“Fool! Your fare is the only thing stopping me from breaking your face!” Directed by Joel Schumacher (Lost Boys, Falling Down, 8MM, Batman & Robin), D.C. Cab is his blissfully unaware feature film which follows in the hilarious footprints of The Incredible Shrinking Woman, which ...

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Infidel - Blu-ray Review

InfidelIranian-American filmmaker Cyrus Nowrasteh has made quite a name for himself around Hollywood with unflinching films that pull back the curtains on governmental corruption and institutionalized abuse. His target is never limited to the American government, however, and those  ...

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Tenet - Blu-ray Review


Gather ‘round all you puzzle lovers. Have I got a challenge for you! With twisty logic, time-altering physics, and an alternate existence that defies reality, the highly anticipated new thriller called Tenet is the mental challenge puzzle masters trained their entire lives for. For all ...

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The Facility - Movie Review

The Facility

Sometimes it is best to leave the unknown alone . . . or the head-bandaged monsters will get ya! Written and directed by The Rizen’s Matt Mitchell, The Facility continues the story at the center of the aforementioned film and takes aim at those secret, occult experiments ...

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The Mark of the Bell Witch - Movie Review

The Mark of the Bell WitchSome people have grown up with the legend of the Bell Witch.  I was a young boy in Kansas when I first heard this tale of supernatural folklore and, considering that it has its roots in a town of only 600 people, that fact is quite an achievement and it is due to its terrifying nature as first documented  ...

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The Beastmaster: Limited Edition 4K UHD (1982) - Blu-ray Review

The BeastmasterLove it, hate it, or just leave this crazy fantasy flick alone, there’s no denying that The Beastmaster, directed by Phantasm’s Don Coscarelli, is a certified home-run when it comes to B-minded sword-and-sorcery romps.  Magnificent muscles?  Check.  Nudity?  Check.  Magic?  ...

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She Mob/The Girl from Pussycat (1968) - Blu-ray Review

She Mob/The Girl from Pussycat (1968)

Give me some blood!  Whip him!  She Mob begins with an absolute BANG. Forget what you’ve heard about this film being utterly unwatchable.  It isn’t true.  Sure, sure, the “adult” material goes on for far too long, but all of that simply adds to the weirdness ...

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Black Pumpkin - Movie Review

Black Pumpkin

Get ready for Bloody Bobby! Beginning with a clip from Night of the living Dead playing in the background might be a good way to shoot yourself in the foot, but Black Pumpkin, even in its opening minutes, does two things correctly.  First, within minutes, a welcome ...

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Sound of Metal - Movie Review

Sound of MetalSound of Metal, the new film from first-time director Darius Marder opens with a loud, distorted cacophony of modulation, ringing, and unpleasant noise as a two-piece metal band thrashes about the stage at a concert ...

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Paintball Massacre - Movie Review

Paintball MassacreWhy would anyone attend a high school reunion?  Let the past be the past, you know.  That’s the question posed by the bartender at the reunion which takes center stage in Paintball Massacre, a new horror film from Uncork’d Entertainment, which arms its participants with house-guns ...

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