Hillbilly Elegy - Movie Review

Surface level storytelling

Freaky - Movie Review

Fails to Satisfy

All Joking Aside- Movie Review

Hilarious and heartwarming

Let Him Go - Movie Review

A smoldering cauldron

Unhinged - Blu-ray Review

A riveting psychological thriller

Flash Gordon (1980) - 4K UHD Review

A cinematic treat

The Hunt - Blu-ray Review

The Hunt is On!

Jaws - 4K UHD Review

Like being transported to 1975

The Golem (1920) - Blu-ray Review

The Golem (1920)The first horror icon of cinema has returned!  Or is The Golem, thanks to its design and its use of white magic, the first cinematic superhero?  I guess it comes down to your interpretation of the events in this legendary silent film.  But there is NO arguing of its influence.  From The Incredible Hulk  ...

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Beyond the Door: Limited Edition 2K Uncut English Export Version (1974) - Blu-ray Review

Beyond the Door (1974)

The power of Jessica (Juliet Mills) compels yyyyoooooouuuu!!!   Get those eyes ready for those stylized freeze frames because Jessica is eating banana skins off the sidewalk again, but this time it is in 2K!  That’s right, the pea ...

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The Wind (1986) - Blu-ray

The Wind (1986)"And you thought YOU were hot?!"  Getting faced by pots of boiling water never looked so good!  The Wind has arrived on blu-ray thanks to a NEW 4K transfer from the original 35mm print ...

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Gretel & Hansel - Blu-ray Review

Gretel & HanselWho wasn't frightened as a child by the horrifically grim childhood fairy tale about an evil witch who bakes pastries to lure children into her home so she can cook and eat the youngsters for dinner? It’s a wonder any of us made it out of childhood without totally losing all of our marbles ...

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Batsh*t Bride - Movie Review

Batsh*t Bride

The Batsh*t Bride is finally marching down the aisle.  Everybody duck! Heather Popadopalis (Meghan Falcone) is an event planner and, in typical fashion for the duties of her job, she wants everything to go as planned for her wedding.  Her friends call her Heather the Heart Attack.  She just ...

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The McPherson Tape (1989) - Blu-ray Review

The McPherson Tape (1989)

They are here. They have always been here. The McPherson Tape (also known as UFO ABDUCTION) is proof. It doesn’t take long for the skies to ignite over the night sky of Northwoods, Connecticut.  The McPherson family ...

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A Nun's Curse - Movie Review

A Nun's Curse

Let the Nunsploitation flicks resume!  It’s time to face your fears. Writer/director Tommy Faircloth returns this May with what has to be his best film yet.  A Nun’s Curse is both tense and frightening as the diabolical Sister Monday (genre icon Felissa Rose of Sleepaway Camp fame)  returns to carry out ...

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