News of the World - Movie Review

A story of home and hearth

One Night in Miami - Movie Review

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a smarter film this year.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Smart as a Whip

Ammonite - Movie Review

Forces us to work way too hard

Lord of the Rings Trilogy - 4K UHD Review


Infidel - Blu-ray Review

Both intriguing and confounding

Tenet - 4K UHD Review

An eye-popping spectacle

The New Mutants - 4K Blu-ray Review

Too many cooks? Who knows?

The Astrologer (1975) - Blu-ray Review

The AstrologerCalling all fans of 1970s cinema!  Severin Films has got your ticket to ride with what has to be one of the strangest science fiction offerings, The Astrologer.  Slow-moving and centered around a covert government agency which monitors astrological signs to see if a person is good or bad, this film will leave ...

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Baby Frankenstein - Movie Review

Baby Frankenstein

He’s cute!  He’s cuddly!  He’s a Baby Frankenstein! I’m going to confess something and come clean right from the start of this review.  I freaking love this movie.  To me, it is comedic solid gold and ANYONE who came of age in the 1980s is going to love it, too.  Baby Frankenstein works in a ...

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The Hunt (2020) - Blu-ray Review

The Hunt (2019)

What if they made a movie and nobody came? That was the fear when the horror satire The Hunt was scheduled for release last fall before being delayed by a series of unfortunate events. First, it was the El Paso and Dayton mass shootings. Then a tweet about the film from our ...

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Mr. No Legs (1978) - Blu-ray Review

Mr. No Legs (1978)You haven't seen anything until you witness a double amputee karate kick someone's ass straight into a pool.  In slow motion, nonetheless.  That's the exploitative territory we're headed into in tonight's viewing of Mr. No Legs.  Get the beer ready! ...

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The Cameraman: Criterion Collection (1929) - Blu-ray Review

The Cameraman (1928)The Cameraman is the film in which Buster Keaton’s character (accidentally double exposing some pretty hilarious images over each other) discovers the avant-garde on accident.  All joking aside, this comedic masterpiece from the silent era - with one scene hilariously depicting Keaton  ...

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The Spider (aka Earth Vs. The Spider) (1958) - Blu-ray Review

TThe Spider (aka Earth Vs. The Spider)Independently made in glorious black-and-white cinematography by producer, writer, special effects supervisor Bert I. Gordon (King Dinosaur, Attack of the Puppet People, The Amazing Colossal Man, Village of the Giants, and Empire of the Ants), The Spider is quick to the kill, opening  ...

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The Dead Pit Collector's Edition (1989) - Blu-ray Review

The Dead Pit

This place gives me nightmares! Ever felt buried by all your work?  The Dead Pit takes that saying literally and concerns itself with a mad doctor who, 20 years ago, was killed and buried alongside his human experiments . . . in the basement of an asylum.  The hope was that he’d never ...

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Teenage Hitchhikers (1974) - Blu-ray Review

Teenage Hitchhikers (1974)And just like that, a drive-in classic comes to blu-ray!  Thanks to Dark Force Entertainment, Teenage Hitchhikers arrives with a brand new HD Master from the original camera negative with hours of scene by scene color corrections.  Time to get those thumbs out and ready for the winding  ...

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Homewrecker - Movie Review

Homewrecker“Linda, I didn’t faint did I?”  With that question, Michelle (Alex Essoe, Doctor Sleep) suddenly realizes just how much trouble she is currently in.  Linda (Precious Chong) is a fruitloop and, after spending the afternoon watching Shannon Doherty and Jessica Parker in Girls Just Wanna Have  ...

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Battlefield 2025 - Movie Review

Battlefield 2025

We're going to need a bigger desert. Beginning with some interesting looks at space as a mysterious alien scout approaches our tiny blue planet, Battlefield 2025 takes its time positioning all the moving character pieces in this science fiction movie.  The people, whose ...

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