Crawl (2019) - Movie Review

Pure flesh-eating B-movie delight.

Midsommar (2019) - Movie Review

Not a sweet little trip to the neighborhood IKEA

Black Bridge - Movie Review

Definitely worth the trip

Spider-Man: Far From Home - Movie Review

A breezy sit through that does emotionally resonate

Shazam! - Blu-ray Review

Packed with heart and laughs

Pet Sematary - Blu-ray Review

Won’t haunt you afterwards

The Best of Enemies (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Never earns our honest emotions

Us (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Delightfully exhilarating, and at times terrifying

Shazam! (2019) - Blu-ray Review

Shazam!The DCEU, if it is even called that anymore, has been making significant strides with its output in the last couple of years—and amazingly WITHOUT its two heavy hitters. Wonder Woman and Aquaman have both made commercial and critical strides that the last few entries involving  ...

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Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon: 30th Anniversary Edition (1985) - Blu-ray Review

The Last Dragon (1985)A magical Motown martial arts movie? Oh, hell, YES! In fact, can I hear a “Sho’nuff” and an amen! ...

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Spidey Grabs Weekend Box Office Again

Spider-Man: Far From Home

For the second week in a row Spider-Man clung to the top spot in the weekend box office for the weekend of July 12-14. Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home added an estimated $45.3 million over the weekend to it its two-week take to bring the film's total haul to more than $274 million....

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Picasso Trigger (1988) - Blu-ray Review

Picasso Trigger 1988Black Belts in shotgun?   Bombs on boomerangs?  Hell, yes.  So what if the lead character can’t shoot straight?!  When you are having this much fun, who really cares? ...

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Tales of Frankenstein (2018) - Movie Review

Tales of Frankenstein (2018)

Die, Monster, Die! It seems to me that the Horror Anthology, once popular in the 1960s, is making a surprising and rather strong comeback in recent years.  There have been a lot of good, independent features that make the most of the short narrative structure ...

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This Island Earth (1955) - Blu-ray Review

This Island Earth (1955)Otherwise known as When Meteors Attack!!! Laugh all you want to, but there are moments – especially in deep space – when flying saucers drifting through clouds as meteors rip right behind them will have you doing more than just wanting to believe.  This Island Earth (and its Mutants) is a vision on  ...

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Savage Beach (1989) - Blu-ray Review

Savage Beach (1989)

Big Guns.  Even bigger boobs.  Loaded with scenes so hysterically full of sexual innuendo that go on for far longer than they ought to, director Andy Sidaris returns to the scene of his B-movie crimes and goes guns blazing on Savage Beach, now available on blu-ray ...

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Mothra: SteelBook Edition (1961) - Blu-ray Review

Mothra (1961)Vampire plants!  Gigantic eggs!  And a really BIG moth!  That’s right, Mothra is happening all over again . . . except this time its satire and its science fiction can be viewed in sparkling blu-ray.  ...

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Crawl (2019) - Movie Review

Crawl (2019)What could be worse than being in Florida with a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on the state? No, the answer is not “waking up to discover that you now live in Boca Raton.” The answer we’re looking for is to awaken from the nightmare of your neighborhood now ...

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Black Bridge (2006) - Movie Review

Black BridgeThe hair.  The metal.  The attitude.  And the satanic rituals. Black Bridge, written and directed by Kevin Doherty (Lights Camera BLOOD!), is a brutally funny look back at a time from my youth when parents lost their minds and blamed ...

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