I, Tonya - Movie Review

Wild, Whacky and unexpectedly entertaining

The Disaster Artist - Movie Review

The Disaster Artist has inspired me. Oh. Hi, Mark.

Wonder Wheel - Movie Review

Woody Allen’s Wonder Wheel is busted

The Shape of Water (2017) - Movie Review

A monster-sized masterpiece of mood and silky atmosphere

Valerian and the CIty of a Thousand Planets - Movie Review

Hang on tight, youthful flyboys!

Wind River - Blu-ray Review

You’re never safe in a Sheridan film.

Atomic Blonde - Movie Review

A certifiable blast!

Annabelle: Creation - Blu-ray Review

Thankfully, it’s quite terrifying. Seriously.

New on Blu-ray

A Woman's Torment (1977) - Blu-ray Review

A Woman's Torment (1977) - Blu-rayThere’s something wrong with Karen (Tara Chung).  She’s dry humping the beach again.  Truthfully, while she does display a whole hell of a lot mental instability during writer/director Roberta Findlay’s skin flick, she’s not as fucked up as the people around her.  And ...

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Wilson (2017) - DVD Review

Wilson (2017) - DVDThis is the story of a man who says just about everything that comes into his head. Wilson is a brutally honest middle-aged misanthrope (Woody Harrelson) who longs for a family, after friends move away and his father’s death leaves him all alone. Luckily it turns out he  ...

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Beyond the Seventh Door (1987) - Blu-ray Review

Beyond the Seventh Door - DVD ReviewBeyond the Seventh Door, on its string bean budget and with its Jigsaw-like way, is every bit the very definition of a cult classic.  And any negative thing you can say about it merely adds to the film’s growing fandom.  That’s power right there, folks, and, truly, this bizarre ...

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Tragedy Girls - Movie Review

Tragedy Girls - Movie ReviewSocial media and serial killers don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  They will soon enough.  Trust in that nonsense.  Facebook “factoids” will be the death of us all.  With a satirical edge to its tweets and a gleeful embracing of some severe wickedness, Tragedy Girls, a new horror ...

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Prime Evil/Lurkers (1987-1988) - Blu-ray Review

Prime Evil/Lurkers - Blu-rayIf the deliberate pace of Lurkers (and its photographic effects) doesn’t get you, then the presence of a two-foot tall rubber Satan in Prime Evil certainly will. ...

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me - Criterion Collection (1992) - Blu-ray Review

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - Blu-ray ReviewBecause everyone has a secret. The stand-up bass; the muted trumpet; and those ominous chords.  It’s all about the cool jazz of composer Angelo Badalamenti, folks.  But the close-up on the static-filled television suggests...

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Netflix Finds: The Meyerowitz Stories - Review

The Meyerowitz Stories - Netflix Finds ReviewThank the good lord himself you don’t live next to, on the same block, or anywhere in the vicinity of this dysfunctional family. Although, if you did, you might learn a thing or two, whether it’s how to successfully harbor a 35+ year grudge, or maintain a career as a second ...

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The Corpse Grinders (1971) - Blu-ray Review

The Corpse Grinders (1972) - Blu-rayThe cats are attacking!  The goddamned cats are attacking!  Everyone flee! ...

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Rolling Vengeance (1987) - Blu-ray Review

Rolling Vengeance (1987) - Blu-rayExploding from the innards of a barn comes a roaring beast.  It’s not supernatural; it’s all man-made and, just ask the driver, this machine is an extension of every ill thought he currently has trapped in his skull.   The angst and hurt are real.  And so is the rage that fuels ...

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Blood Beat (1983) - Blu-ray Review

Blood Beat - Blu-ray ReviewWreck the halls with kinky jollies!  Masturbation mixed with psychic-linked samurai kills are truly the gifts that keep on giving.  Blood Beat has to be one of the oddest co-productions out there.  It's horror on horseback as some French surrealists meddle with American slashers to ...

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