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Glitch Black - Age of Machines

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Dangerously addictive and beyond deadly, the robotic future sounds EXACTLY like this.  Glitch Black returns from the final frontier with his latest mechanized masterpiece!

The haunting NEW release from Baton Rouge’s Glitch Black, Age of Machines, continues to stroke the paranoid vibes of his previous albums.  This time, though, the machines WIN and you, being the faithful listener that you are to his blisteringly intense brand of android anthemic synth-metal, couldn’t be any happier.{googleads}

The highs hit hard and, thanks to the soaring synths of “Midnight Joyride”, the album begins with a swift kick that will have you, just like its creator, with your fist raised to the sky.  Intense and atmospheric, there is no safe place from the hallucinogenic gauze that this song wraps around your eyes and your ears. 

And, as if the whiplash couldn’t get any more intense, Glitch Black leads us right into the second song “Breaking Point”, an energized anthem with so many layers of bubbling synth sounds that our own age seems to accelerate.  Again, you won’t mind.  We only seem to slow down a bit when “Intellects Vast and Unsympathetic” finally bursts and washes over us.  Those sparkling synths pitted against the narrative voice produces outstanding results. Glitch Black - Age of Machines

The machines are taking over.  The proof comes in the robotic onslaught that is the connective thread of zeroes and ones that runs through the haunting peace of “Where Ancient Kings Are Buried”, “Cold Steel”, and “Shattered Bone”.  This trilogy of songs, back to back like this, are DYNAMIC reminders of why Glitch Black is KING of the synthwave scene.  Melodic and furious in their rollout, the songs form the unbreakable backbone of this release.

Merging from the toxic dust of that trilogy of terror is “Superior Firepower”, a song that aims its red-beamed lasers high overhead and scores BIG TIME POINTS in being an epic reminder of Glitch Black’s appeal.  The sonic vibes here are delirious and dead-eyed in their ability to carry us to the cinematic world of his imagination.  There is no escape.  It’s not even possible, especially when “Stargate” transports us off this rock of a planet with its electric harmonics. Glitch Black - Age of Machines

But it is “Warrior” and “Doppelgänger” in which the 01110100 code of the future becomes terrifying and so damn catchy.  Here, with steady, driving beats and warm rushes of beeps and bloops, we have a swirling build-up of electronic weave structures that warp time itself into an eye patch word round the chrome dome of our robotic leader.  Surrender yourself, fools, the “Data Breach” and its side effects are real. 

And, as the final song “Age of Machines” brings this trip round the electronic sun to its chrome and blood conclusion, the final sound we hear is our own skull vaporized by the single snap from Glitch Black’s zeroes and ones.

Age of Machines - Glitch Black

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