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Deany Bean is Dead

Imagine plunging the murderous edge of your knife into the beating red heart of your enemy.  Imagine the satisfaction of wrapping your fingers around the neck of someone you can’t stand.  Imagine how you would feel to squeeze the last breath out of their hollow body.  Imagine.  Imagine.  Imagine.

"Dark.  Demented.  And funny as hell, this black comedy takes viewers on a journey into film noir territory . . . with a maniacal twist."

And that’s how Deany Bean is Dead, a very dark comedy from director Mikael Kreuzriegler and writer Allison Marie Volk begins.  Dark.  Demented.  And funny as hell, this black comedy takes viewers on a journey into film noir territory . . . with a maniacal twist.

Starring Volk (because only she could pull off the complexities of the character she created), Deany Bean is Dead is about a scorned woman who spends most of the movie with a dead body in the trunk of her car.  Disturbed yet?  Well, hold tight.  We’re just getting started.  {googleads}

This black comedy concerns itself with the actions of a scorned lover.  Healing meditations aren’t easing her tensions.  And neither is the boss at the office where she works.  Everywhere she goes, she is reminded of her fiancée, who is now in Peru with a new lover.

We get the facts of her feelings all communicated while Deanne Locke (Allison Marie Volk, The Lone Ranger, Anya) listens to a murder macabre podcast in her car as she spies on her ex-boyfriend.  She’s got binoculars and she’s parked outside his house.  She wants him back and, without missing a beat, the podcast becomes our narrator as she goes through her daily routine and he provides a darkly ironic (and often funny) running commentary.

But her boss, Maxine Williams (Wendy Wilkins), is working Deanne’s last nerve.  When she screws up her lunch (almost killing her), Maxine fires her and, after a chance encounter in the parking lot, Deanne snaps and strangles the shit out of her boss, stuffing her in the trunk of her car. Deany Bean is Dead

But she has a plan.  Sort of.  It involves winning back her ex-boyfriend at the engagement party she stumbles into.  The problem is that Deanne can’t stop tripping over her own feet.  She’s completely out of her mind and her element as every single plan she has falls apart due to her own fallibilities.  Victim or what?  You decide.

Co-starring Christopher Glenn Cannon, Sarah Sidat, and Paulina Bugembe, Deany Bean is Dead does more than deliver a brand-new dark comedy.  It puts the rom-com category through the ringer, daring us to enjoy its sharp, sharp edges.

What would YOU do with the body of the hapless victim?  Deany Bean is Dead has the answer and a slice of chocolate cake.  It is now on VOD from Global Digital Releasing.

4/5 stars

Deany Bean is Dead


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Deany Bean is Dead

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
84 mins
: Mikael Kreuzriegler
Allison Marie Volk
Paulina Lule, Brett Chapin, Melanie Leanne Miller
: Comedy
Love dies when you least expect it
Memorable Movie Quote: "You are not going to go stalk him again are you Deany?"
Theatrical Distributor:
Global Digital Releasing
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Available On Demand July 10
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Synopsis: A down-on-her-luck woman (Allison Marie Volk, “The Lone Ranger”, “Anya”)  tries to win back her ex-boyfriend at his engagement party without revealing that her recently strangled boss is in the trunk of her car.


Deany Bean is Dead