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If the opening few frames of Coven - as five scantily clad females (later referred to as "Josie and The Pussylickers") make their way toward us through smoke and a pitch-black night - doesn’t get your attention, then nothing else will in this supernatural horror film.  These badass babes definitely demand your attention.

"the CGI effects and the practical gore give it an edge that a lot of modern B-movies miss out on"

Black underwear.  Rotten apples.  And murder everywhere.  Have we had enough of sexy witch movies yet?  The answer is a resounding NO as the first 8-minutes of Coven shows willing audiences flesh, fantasy, and a whole lot of fire as four witches, performing a blood ceremony, turn on one of their own and kill the fifth witch, ruining their chance to complete their coven.  Damn.

Starring Lizze Gordon (who also wrote the screenplay), Jennifer Cipolla, Jessica Louise Long, Margot Major, Miranda O’Hare, and Terri Ivens (from Piranhaconda), Coven is about the lengths one group of undergrad witches will go to invoke the ancient powers of the witch Ashura and complete their coven, making them the most powerful coven on campus.  {googleads}

Unfortunately, the group is being led by the wrong witch.  Ronnie’s the one who gets carried away and kills the young witch in the beginning of the film and her power trip simply goes to her head, absorbing all their powers along the way.  Directed by Margaret Malandruccolo, this bewitching movie is perfectly mindless as these chicks discover the power in surrendering their bodies to an ancient power, but the price that they will have to pay exposes them all to some bad side effects to the darkest elements of black magic.

They just need to find a new witch to join them.  Or do they?  Sophie Fox (Gordon) is not the newbie they think she is and so begins the conflict as this group tries to recruit her.  Ronnie, Jax, Taylor, and Beth might be stuck on blood sacrifices, but Sophie - after a trial run with the group - is having none of it.  Magic is more than just fun.  It’s a way of life that extends deep into her past.Coven

While this sultry stab at hex-horror feels a bit out of time (looking and sounding like one of its influences, (The Craft), the CGI effects and the practical gore give it an edge that a lot of modern B-movies miss out on or simply mess up on.  Coven delivers wicked spells, a taste for flesh, and “purple-haired carpetmunchers” (as one bar patron describes the group) that is more exciting than it has any right being.  Quite simply, this B-movie embraces the trashier side of witchcraft.

The Craft meets Suspiria in the bewitching Coven, set to spellbind audiences on DVD and Digital July 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment.  Always bet on blood, baby!

3/5 stars



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MPAA Rating: PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content and language.
80 mins
: Margaret Malandruccolo
Lizze Gordon
Lizze Gordon, Margot Major, Adam Horner
: Horror
The Witching Hour is Here.
Memorable Movie Quote: "there's a group of witches"
Uncork'd Entertainment
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Release Date:
July 14, 2020
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Synopsis: Five undergrad witches come together in order to perform a ritual to invoke the ancient powers of the witch Ashura. The leader of the coven gets carried away and accidentally kills one of the witches during the ritual. She needs the strength of a complete coven to invoke Ashura's powers and sends them out to find a final witch. As she absorbs power the surviving girls' plot to take her down but the possessed witch unleashes hell on campus with only one young witch left to stop her.



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