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Black Bridge (2006) - Movie Review

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Black Bridge

The hair.  The metal.  The attitude.  And the satanic rituals. 

"This is the product of a hungry soul and, while low in budget, the results are definitely worth the trip"

Black Bridge, written and directed by Kevin Doherty (Lights Camera BLOOD!), is a brutally funny look back at a time from my youth when parents lost their minds and blamed every damn thing on their rising fear of Satanism.  It wasn’t enough that their kids just wanted to rock out.  No, there must be a reason for the riffs and the rhymes.  Their precious children were under the spell of the hoofed and horned one and it was up to them to put an end to it.

And so they ran to the bible while their children ran to their Aqua Net canisters.

Now, thanks to Doherty, actors Adam Smoluk, Raimey Gallant, Jason Malloy, and a kick-ass soundtrack brought to you by Kick Axe, Anvil, Brighton Rock, Thor, Betrayer, Goathorn, and more, the independent film, Black Bridge, returns audiences to that glorious time in the BIG HAIRED 1980’s when Satan rocked out with the teenagers and helped them primp their perms.

Black Bridge opens with a narration that introduces all the players in this “Headbanging for Satan” affair of murder and black candles.  We have Clive, Eddie, Sammy, Tracey, Gomer and Adrian and, man, do they love their heavy metal tunes.  These teenagers are just like you and me: wearing Iron Maiden and Slayer shirts and playing Atari.  Unfortunately, they are also pawning off their shotguns while joking about sacrificing people. 

But Tracey and Sammy might be taking things a bit too far.  That’s the territory of Black Bridge, a film that is interested in mining material that some of us – especially those raised in the Midwest (like myself) – are far too much aware of.  The music empowers the teenagers when nothing else could.  Elvis?  The Beatles?  Nah.  Not here.  Up the Irons, man. 

But, with chicks to screw and drugs to smoke, these teenagers are bound for stumbling all over themselves, especially when their interest in the darker side of religion takes hold.  An unused bridge will be the scene of their crimes . . . Black Bridge

Somewhere between paying the pizza guy and smoking weed, these six teenagers find themselves in the middle of a police investigation when 12-year-old Mikey Gay is found knifed, doped-up, and mutilated thanks to some supernatural hijinks.  Sometimes funny and often tragic, Black Bridge gives audiences a view from the wild side in the history of what happened when Heavy Metal reigned supreme.

It is a black-and-white film and appears to have been shot digitally.  It also has a bit of an interesting production history when you consider that the film was re-shot after the original tapes were part of a mugging and a theft.  The authenticity of this film – in spite of the amateurish acting – shines through, though.  This is the product of a hungry soul and, while low in budget, the results are definitely worth the trip.

All hail Satan!  Coming of age stories are seldom this raw.  Black Bridge is now available through Amazon Prime.

3/5 stars

Black Bridge


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Black Bridge

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
108 mins
: Kevin Doherty
Kevin Doherty
Adam Smoluk, Raimey Gallant, Jason Malloy
: Drama
1984: Year of the Banger...
Memorable Movie Quote: "Drugs don't make you lose your memory, man. That's bull. I've been doing dope since I was eleven and I still remember."
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Synopsis: Clive, Eddie, Sammy, Tracey, Gomer and Adrian , a close-knit group of "headbanging" friends all have an equal passion for Heavy Metal music, partying and experimenting with the occult. When the mutilated body of murdered 12 year-old Mikey Gay (brother of the Hellrats' feared gang-leader Vinny) surfaces in Sammy's "Satanic Enshrined" bedroom, all six become prime suspects in the murder.

Black Bridge

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