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Battlefield 2025

We're going to need a bigger desert.

Beginning with some interesting looks at space as a mysterious alien scout approaches our tiny blue planet, Battlefield 2025 takes its time positioning all the moving character pieces in this science fiction movie.  The people, whose names escape me, are numerous as Independence Day seems to be an influence.  We have weekend campers, escaped convicts, police officers, a drunk scientist, and they are all being primed for a fight to the finish in the American Southwest.

"works best when the alien arrives, starts reporting information back to his commanders, and things go black for the humans."


Thankfully, the alien design in this low budget flick is worth the trouble of being around so many forgettable characters!  With glowing blue eyes and cool lasers that shoot holes through men, crumpling them to the ground in one fell swoop, the alien in this science fiction flick tears through hordes of humans like it’s no big deal.  

While the acting and the dialogue isn’t the greatest (an understatement), most Boils and Ghouls who splurge on this title are going to be in it for the creature design and that's where this one doesn't disappoint, combining Predator-like aspects in the design with a Robocop type of suit and a "kill or be killed" attitude makes for a rocking good time WHEN the alien actually shows up and starts blowing shit up. {googleads}

But, before that happens, Battlefield 2025 proves to be a struggle to get through.  Better editing and another pass at removing characters from the script might have saved this one for me.  The first 40-minutes of this 83-minute flick are spent among some pretty forgettable humans.  The problems they make for themselves are numerous and even the boobs on display aren’t enough to keep most focused, because it all means shit when this alien - who is primed to kill - crash land in the hills of one small Arizona town.  

Cars won’t start.  Phones won’t work.  And power outages galore!  Be the first to discover why all the tablets in the area are dead.  All of this means that this alien, who gathers all interested humans to the impact site, isn’t taking prisoners. 

Time to get dead!  Don’t worry, there might be a shitload of characters but there’s practically no character development, so you will definitely be rooting for the alien to take heads off.  Which it coolly does.Battlefield 2025

Written and directed by Joseph Mbah and starring Robert Conway. Jose Rosete, Anna Harr, Dustin Leighton, Caleb Thomas, Alaina Laethem, Adam Michael Gold, and Titus Covington, Battlefield 2025 works best when the alien arrives, starts reporting information back to his commanders, and things go black for the humans.  There are some CGI effects, but the highlights are the practical ones as the humans don’t last very long on this dark and very deadly night.

It’s an apocalyptic night of terror!  If only there was better editing to make this one move faster.  From the makers of The Covenant and Eminence Hill comes Battlefield 2025The movie will be released July 7 on digital from Uncork’d Entertainment.

2/5 stars

Battlefield 2025


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Battlefield 2025

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
94 mins
: Joseph Mbah
Robert Conway, Joseph Mbah
Jose Rosete, Anna Harr, Dustin Leighton
: Sci-fi
Fighting for Our Survival.
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Uncork'd Entertainment
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July 7, 2020
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Synopsis: Weekend campers, an escaped convict, young lovers and a police officer experience a night of terror when a hostile visitor from another world descends on a small Arizona town.


Battlefield 2025

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