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Baby Frankenstein

He’s cute!  He’s cuddly!  He’s a Baby Frankenstein!

I’m going to confess something and come clean right from the start of this review.  I freaking love this movie.  To me, it is comedic solid gold and ANYONE who came of age in the 1980s is going to love it, too.  Baby Frankenstein works in a surprisingly heartfelt manner that is more shocking than expected.  It’s sooo good.

"charming, hilarious, and definitely wins over its audience with an earnestness that only comes from low budget, independent filmmaking"


Discovered in the attic of Lance (Ian Barling) and his mother’s (Eileen Rosin) new home, Baby Frankenstein (Rance Nix) is self-aware and fast as hell.  Just ask Ken Glinevich (Patrick McCartney), Lance’s mother’s crazy boyfriend, who, after spotting the pint-sized automaton, takes after him with hunting gear and a hellbent attitude focused on capturing the little guy.  

Lance is going to need help keeping Baby Frankenstein hidden from Ken who is constantly mistaking his belly for might and brains.  He enlists Truth (Cora Savage) to help him keep Lil’ Frank secret and far away from the clutches of Ken, who wants to turn him in and claim the $50,000 reward offered by the mysterious actual owner of Baby Frankenstein, Dauvin Lundquist (Andre Gower, The Monster Squad). 

Thankfully, it’s Halloween and it’s pretty easy to hide Baby Frankenstein’s “laboratory escapee” look thanks to the season of colorful costumes and mad make-up.  And Lance’s neighborhood - thanks to the decorations of his awkward neighbor, John (Mike Rutkoski) - is pumped and primed for the season.  As the potential captors close in on Lance, Truth, and Baby Frankenstein, Lance finds an ally in John, who seems to be developing an interest in his mother, and must decide what he will risk to preserve Baby Frankenstein's freedom. {googleads}

Co-written and directed by Jon YonKondy, Mike Rutkoski’s script for this film is wildly comedic, full of eccentric characters, and comes to life thanks to the efforts of the cast and crew who build something unforgettable, causing audiences to completely fall in love with the film’s eccentricities.  

Don't be suckered by the title.  There's more to this film than you think. Baby Frankenstein was shot in 7 days and, unbelievably, it doesn’t look like it was a rush job at all.  The film was shot in Northeastern, PA and there is a sharp honesty to the look of the film which, immediately, reminds me of Springsteen lyrics.  It’s rough but honest and, when you look carefully, you see complete dedication to the story being told.  It's a rare feat these days, but this crew does it and makes it look so easy.Baby Frankenstein

Baby Frankenstein is charming, hilarious, and definitely wins over its audience with an earnestness that only comes from low budget, independent filmmaking.  Supported by a brilliant soundtrack which features iconic selections from Death Valley Dreams and Family Animals, Baby Frankenstein will have you believing in that romance AND grace is possible during the Halloween season.

Baby Frankenstein is on VOD and DVD on 6/30 from Wild Eye Releasing.

5/5 stars

Baby Frankenstein


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Baby Frankenstein

MPAA Rating: Unrated.
83 mins
: Jon YonKondy
Mike Rutkoski
Andre Gower, Rance Nix, Patrick McCartney
: Comedy | Drama | Family
Everyone needs a buddy.
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Wild Eye Releasing
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Release Date:
June 31, 2020
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June 30, 2020.
Synopsis: Baby Frankenstein is the story of Lance and his unlikely friendship with a self-aware, pint-sized automaton. Patrick McCartney and Bill Rutkoski co-star in a Jon YonKondy film!


Baby Frankenstein

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